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Winter & Grace…Brisbane Twin Photographer

So many things come in pairs…

like ears and socks and panda bears…

But best of all are sets of twins…

with extra laughter and double grins!

Ok….so you may be thinking that these sweet girls look a little larger and more alert than my usual newborns…and guess what? You would be right! But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on a newborn session. Today’s gorgeous little ladies were born a little early and teeny tiny and so we had to wait a little while before we could get them into the studio. But lucky me, today they were all set to go and by the look of the excitement…particularly on one little face…they couldn’t wait!

Born at just 32 weeks and weighing only 1.7kg and 1.4kg these little wonder women have been warriors from the very beginning and it was an absolute joy to see them again today now out of the NICU and looking so chubby and healthy! I’ll let mumma share a little of their journey and I’ll share some cute pics but boy oh boy they were absolutely divine!

When Winter & Grace came into the world it felt amazing. Damian and I had decided to take one last chance on what had been a long IVF journey. We look at our two beautiful girls with wonder. To us they are truly our super heroes. Seeing them grow so much already, we wanted to be share we did not miss the chance to capture this special moment in life.

World….Meet Winter & Grace.x.

Newborn twin girls sleeping in farmers baskets with cream and pink wraps and curly felt and tiebacks Newborn baby girl sleeping in farmers basket with pink blanket and wrap and felt and knit bonnet on white wooden floor Newborn baby girl awake in farmers basket with pink blanket and wrap and felt and knit bonnet on white wooden floorLittle Winter was not super excited to nap today but she was so very sweet…she followed Amy, my assistant everywhere with these gorgeous big blue eyes and gave the BEST smiles!!

Baby twin girls sleeping wrapped in cream knit blankets on cream fur with bow tiebacks Newborn baby girl sleeping in white wooden bed with white blanket and lace wrap and headband on white wooden floor Newborn baby girl sleeping in wooden bed with pink blanket and lace wrap and headband on white wooden floor The girls both just loved being snuggled up in these little beds…sweet sweet sleeping….

Newborn baby girls sleeping in round cane basket with pink blanket and wraps and tiebacks on white wooden floorNow I always ask my families to bring something to include in the session that is special to them…something that was given to or made for the baby, something that belonged to the parents as babies, something that has special significance in their story. And the next two images are exactly that. Known is super heroes, the girls were gifted the most divine art prints for their rooms with their names and superheroes on them so we just had to create a special set up just for that story today. Look at these two little fighters!

Newborn twin girls wrapped in grey blankets wearing superhero masks surrounded by soft toy super hero dolls wrapped in a red blanket on cream fur Newborn twin girls in wonderwoman outfits on blue fur“When you’re all set to take on the world but your partner in crime isn’t feeling it????”

Winter and Grace it was an absolute blessing to care for you in the NICU and an even bigger joy to see you today thriving. Even though my back is sore from rocking some rather large newborns to sleep, I am so glad you could come today!!!

Naz & Damian thank you so much for trusting me with your gorgeous little fighters, I am so glad our paths crossed!

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