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Lachlan…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I held you long before my arms did, in my dreams and thoughts.
I whispered to you the lullabies that would later send you off to sleep.
I knew you long before I met you,
I would talk of your personality made up of elbows and knees,
“ready to keep me on my toes”, I would say.
I loved you long before I saw you, tracing black and white prints of your lips,
knowing soon enough I’d be kissing them with my own.
I heard you long before your cry into the world.
That first heart beat, the one that echoed love and relief,
a quick rhythm that made time slow down.
I wanted you long before I needed you,
as I sat there willing tests to show me the lines that would change my life.
I felt you long before I touched you,
the stretches of my belly proudly growing you.
The pain that sometimes comes with being made of each other,
the worry, that I couldn’t be without you now.
I shared with you my heart before you’d steal it completely.
I’ve shared stories, ones of how I met your father,
books already sitting on your shelf.
I’ve shared unspoken emotions with you that I know you can feel.
I’ve shared my body, I am your land and you are my guide.
love, Mum
Writer…Jess Ulrichs Newborn baby boy on black backdrop looking at the camera wiht hands being held by fatherThis was the last shot of the day…Lachlan was wide awake by this stage but content to just stare into my soul. I adore this shot with his Papa. We captured a special shot with Harrison and his Mumma’s hands so I wanted to do something for Papa during Lachlan’s session too.
I shared a little live about this gorgeous family before their session…I’m pretty sure I said special at least 47 times during the live but that’s truly how I feel about them. You see I first met them when I was caring for their darling twin boys, Harrison and Ethan born well before their time at a mere 25 weeks. Despite the bravest of fights, Ethan grew his angel wings and is now watching down on the family from heaven. I first photographed the boys and was by their side when Ethan took his final breath and was able to gift the family the most precious memories through my work with Heartfelt and my nursing. Then when Harrison grew big and strong, I had the family in the studio to capture some very special ‘newborn’ images for them. And we even snuck in some adorable Christmas mini session images but there was a teeny tiny secret during the mini sessions that only I knew…and that was that there was a little bump in the images, a rainbow sent from his big brother in heaven.
World…Meet Lachlan…he’s new here.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue macrame rainbow and frame of premature baby and urnThe greatest gift…a rainbow after the storm…not negating the storm by any means…but light after darkness. Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket wearing teal knit romper and smilingAnd this smile…the biggest they come…shows he’s happy to be here.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping in oval cane basket wearing rust knit romper with rust blanket and dried flowers on white wooden floorMumma picked a gorgeous colour palette of terracotta/burnt orange, duck egg blue, navy and even gasp…some mustard! All my faves and they work so stunningly together. Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl with mustard wraps and blankets and pillow on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on navy blanket with navy wrap and knit bonnetWe used this exact set up in Harrison’s session…I can’t wait to see the shots side by side to see the similarities and differences between the two. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket wearing teal knit romper with blue blanket and knit layer on white wooden floor with round rattan layer and dried flowers and holding small pastel felt rainbowThe sweetest rainbow… Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with rust knit layerThere’s just something about pouty lips, little piggies and back rolls…. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane papasan chair with mustard knit layer and romper and bonnet and spotted mustard wrapCan you ever have too much mustard? Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed with navy blanket and knit layer wearing navy romper on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed with navy blanket and knit layer wearing navy romper on white wooden floor with sibling one year old brother sitting beside him wearing grey knit jumper and tan pants and framed photo of premature baby boy and urnAll of Mumma and Papa’s babies in one image…something all parents want but some families have to accept in a different way. So glad I could capture this for them. Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden log bowl with blue wrap and layer with jute layer and green folliage on white wooden floorWe did a live sneak peak of this set up during the session…did you catch it? Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wire basket sitting inside a drawer with brown wrap and blanket and bonnet and green folliage on wooden floorGosh he was just perfect in every way. Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream fur wearing navy romper being held by one year old sibling brother wearing grey knit jumperOk…this isn’t technically perfect…I would have loved to see more of sweet Lachlan’s face but capturing a one year old…yes that’s right, little Harrison has only just turned one…and his new baby is just as tricky as it sounds! Harrison wasn’t too keen on my camera and there were actually four adults dancing, singing and making clicking noises with our tongues all the while trying to keep these sweet boys safe, comfy and cute…and I kinda love it. It shows both boys little personalities…Lachlan is super laid back and Harrison is adorably sweet but a little cheeky!
Emma and Ben…you know how much I adore you and your three darling boys…thank you for sharing your story and your family with me over the past year.


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