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Jesse…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Love it knows no bounds…

our hearts are filled with joy…

Another gift from heaven…

our darling little boy.


I seriously can not stop pinching myself that this story could have been an entirely different one. That this little guy and his big brother and sister may never have joined their family. But thankfully, with a little help from someone special in heaven, this family has grown into a beautiful little tribe filled with love. I always remember this mumma telling me after the most heartbreaking journey, that she wasn’t having any more children…but just look at them now!! I have had the true honour of sharing in this families story and have captured each one of their little people as newborns. I’m going to share a little of their story and you will see, that from darkness, the most amazing blessings can arise.

When I was young I wanted to have 14 children! After two miscarriages at 12 weeks and 17 weeks I finally became a mum in 2004. Life was pretty busy, but I loved every minute of it. Hayden was a happy go lucky baby, suffered from reflux, but otherwise I felt like the luckiest mum alive. I didn’t have the most gracious delivery, however all was forgotten once I had my beautiful bundle of joy in my arms. Not only was I trying to adapt to being a new mum, I was also in my final year of a nursing degree. With the help of my family, I managed to finish that year and became a nurse.

When Hayden was one, I became a single mum and although the challenge of being a mum was slightly harder, we managed to get through.

Tragically, my gorgeous son Hayden was taken too soon, due to an accidental death. I thought my journey as a mother would be a different one from then on wards.

Time passed and my heart found room to love again when I met Steve and we married in 2012. When we first met we knew neither wanted any children, so we were a perfect match. Then surprisingly our hearts found more room and we found ourselves expecting a teeny tiny miracle.

In 2014 I photographed that teeny tiny miracle, Sweet Harry and then in 2016 Sweet Sophie arrived….and now, guess what? The most darling little man has joined their family and he was absolutely divine today!!

Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap being held by three year old boy and two year old girl on cream fur holding photograph of deceased sibling in a frameCould they get any cuter? And with Sweet Hayden in their hearts this was such a perfect moment.

World….Meet Jesse.x.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue wrap Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue wrap and blue knit bonnetThat sweet little smile…

Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl wearing cream knit romper and bear bonnet with knit bear on white wooden floorThe most adorable bear you did see….how divine is the romper and bonnet from Poppy’s Props!

Newborn baby sleeping in round white cane basket with brown felt and white wrap and brown bonnet holding frame of deceased toddler sibling on wooden floorI have had the honour of recreating this very special set up for Harry, Sophie and now Jesse….not the sibling photo’s I’m sure mumma dreamed of but still special to be able to see her sweet boys together.

Newborn baby sleeping in wooden crate wrapped in blue blanket with blue knit layer and wrap and bonnet on white wooden floor holding blue felt heart Newborn baby sleeping in wooden crate wrapped in blue blanket with blue knit layer and wrap and bonnet on white wooden floorWe used the same gorgeous colours in both of the boys sessions and I remember how lovely little Harry looked in this blue…Jesse is the absolute spitting image of his brother as a newborn…it was like deja vu!

Newborn baby sleeping in wooden log bowl with brown felt wearing brown shorts holding brown toy fox on wooden…I can’t even with this…soooooo cute!

Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with cream knit layer and knit sleepy bonnet Newbonr baby boy sleeping in cream iron bucket wrapped in blue blanket with blue knit layer and bonnet on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy in wire farmers basket with grey blanket and romper on hessian layer on wooden floor Newborn baby boy in wire farmers basket with grey blanket and romper and bonnet on hessian layer on wooden floorThere’s just something about little baby pj’s! I shared a little live video from this set up…did you catch it?

Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap on cream fur with eyes wide openThis guy seriously slept up a storm his entire session, he was so laid back we could have done whatever we liked with him and he just kicked back! But right at the end of the session he opened his peepers for a very short window and gave us this pout!!! Blue steel much?

Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden bed with cream knit pants on blue blanket on cream fur with cream and blue knit bears and sibling big sister and brotherAll the happy for this beautiful family….

Harry & Sophie, despite being cheeky for your mumma while we were working with your baby, you were so well behaved in the studio and it was adorable to see you with your new little brother.

Sarah & Steve thank you for trusting me time and again to share your story and capture your growing family.

And Jesse…if only all the babies were as laid back and care free as you (including my big baby who still wakes and feeds more than a newborn!)

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