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Isaiah….Brisbane Newborn Photographer

One day I wished upon a star…

For you to join my heart…

I prayed and hoped you’d hear me…

Our journey it would start.

Patiently I waited…

For time with you to come…

Never I imagined…

Just how long for you my son.

But now my heart has realized…

It’s overfilled with joy…

To have you here with me…

My darling little boy.


Everyone has a journey to become a parent…some a smooth surprise, others an intense battle….and sometimes, just sometimes, you meet someone who has has fought like no other. Someone who despite every single challenge they faced, despite the most massive of hurdles, forged on through the trenches to realize their dream of becoming parents. I first ‘virtually’ met today’s mumma a couple of years ago through an online IVF group. One day she posted her story, which mind you, even a few years ago seemed like almost too much for one person to bare, and I thought to myself, if she can continue to try, despite all the disappointment, then anyone can. If she can continue to fight for her dream, then I can to. Her story broke my heart, but it inspired me daily. I screen shot one of her posts and I would share it with friends who were having a hard time with infertility and felt like they couldn’t go on. I promised her that WHEN her baby came, not IF….that I would be completely honoured to gift her a session. And you know what…that day has finally arrived! I’ll let mumma share her story, and I’ll share some pic’s along the way….but boy oh boy….this little miracle was all kinds of lovely today. He is beyond cute, slept up a storm and there was so much joy and love in the room it was simply breathtaking.

After finding out I had a bicornate, septated uterus , with endometriosis and pcos, Drs outcome for me having children was low. Having to go on a search for a Dr that was willing to help. Dr No 4 Dr Glenn Sterling was the one that saved my fertility and worked tirelessly to see me achieve my dream of becoming a mother. So after 47 rounds of fertility treatment 2 dangerous uterine surgeries, 7 endometriosis surgeries, 2 gastric surgeries to help control my weight. 17 Miscarriages, 7 Chemical pregnancies, a diagnosis of an immune disorder, a plan was hatched to help me achieve my dream. After trying tirelessly for 9 years, countless injections and tears. I was put on a protocol that worked. Finally I had to pinch myself and thank the Dr who never gave up on me. As we welcomed our little miracle I was so thankful we never gave up, that I had a Dr who took risks that no one else would. Feeling incredibly blessed right now.

World….Meet Isaiah.x.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue wrap and knit bonnetOh my word…this guy though…with his papa’s gorgeous Nigerian pouty lips, long lashes and curls but his mumma’s creamy skin…he was absolutely the most divine combination of the two.

Newborn baby bpy sleeping in round wooden bowl with blue blanket and wrap and bonnet on blue fur Newborn baby bpy sleeping in cream tin bucket with navy wrap and knit layer on white wooden floorIt’s hard to believe this chunky little man started out a little early and a teeny 2kg….look at those chins!

Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with blue wrap and knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with blue wrap That blonde curly hair was everything….

Newborn baby boy sleeping in grey cane basket with blue blanket and wrap and bonnet on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden bed wearing navy knit romper and bonnet with blue blanket and knit layer and soft toysOh sigh….you can’t beat a sleepy little bubba in a bed….mumma was so excited for this shot…so glad Isaiah loved it too!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket with teal blue blanket and wrap on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket with teal blue blanket and wrap on wooden floorThe most perfect baby ever (I may say that about all of them but oh my!!!)

Newborn baby boy sleeping in oval wooden bowl on grey fur with grey curly felt and grey blanket and wrap and bear bonnet and knit koala toyMumma adored this set up too…how divine is this snuggly little koala with his little koala toy?

Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden log bowl with red knit layer and fabric and pants on wooden floorNow red isn’t a colour I use a lot but how gorgeous is this set up with Isaiah’s colouring…he literally just kicked back in this bowl…how relaxed does he look?

Black man holding naked white newbornUmmmm….gasp…I knew this shot was going to be amazing before I even clicked my camera. Just a little guy snuggled up safely with his papa…does not get any better than that. And how special to see just how small Isaiah was in time in his papa’s hands.

Julie and Emmanuel…..I am so honoured that after all you have been through I have been the one to capture this little miracle now he is safely here in your arms. It is by far the most immense privilege. All your determination and hard works has been rewarded by the very best gift and I can not think of two more deserving people. Isaiah definitely chose the right mumma and papa.

Isaiah…you were worth the wait.x.

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