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You are the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence I could ever possibly write!

Today’s gorgeous little man was all kinds of lovely and a definite light in the darkness. He brought his mumma and papa to capture some special memories and there was so much love it was palpable. You see their journey to meet this sweet guy has been hard, it has been broken and it has been long…but he is working his magic to bring light, to heal broken hearts and to celebrate someone special who came before him. He was such a good boy today, slept up a storm, was extremely patient with me while I worked my way through a bazillion gorgeous set ups and as we tried all his papa’s crazy ideas 😉 I’ll let his mumma share a little of their story but please join me in giving this beautiful family some love today….they are so deserving.x.

We were both teachers at a primary school. Started dating, and have since moved to other schools.
Got married on Sept 17, 2016. We were married, had the house and dog, so decided we were ready for children.

We found out the amazing news that we had gotten pregnant fairly easily. We spread the word to anyone who would listen and posted on FaceBook. We went to all the prescribed gynological appointments.

At our 20 week morphology scan we excitedly tried to make sense of the images while the operator was very quiet and spent a lot of time examining. That is when we heard the scariest words, “I just need to get a second opinion.” It was here that we learnt there was a tear in the placental wall, which had caused the feutus to have deformities that were “not conducive with life.” We were told this was super rare, as rare as winning the lottery. Lucky us…
We were booked into hospital to induce labour in a couple of days. That night Nathan had a vivid dream of angels so we decided to name him Michael. Michael was just a couple of days short of being recognised legally in the system for a birth certificate etc.
There was a lot of heartache and turmoil. Our relationship severely put to the test. However, while never forgotten, the pain did dissipate over time. We came out of the hardship sure that we were a solid team and we decided to roll the dice once again for a second pregnancy.
This pregnancy also took quickly but were we had nothing but hope and joy before, this time was filled with anxiety and stress. We kept it a secret from anyone not close family until our 20 week scan came back successful.

On 1st February, 2019 at 9:02am, we welcomed Elias into the world. We are all now at home and are settling in well. We have set up a monkey, jungle theme for him in his nursery as he was very active in the womb. Thank you to Amanda for capturing our joy in this special slice of time. She was very professional and we had confidence that she knew how to get great photos that we will treasure for a lifetime.

World…Meet Elias.x.

Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in white wrap in wooden log bowl with white blanket on white wooden floor with butterflies in rainbow shape Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in white wrap in wooden log bowl with white blanket on white wooden floor with blue butterfly“After the storm….there is a rainbow of hope”

This beautiful little guy…a rainbow after a very dark storm…with a teeny tiny blue butterfly in honour of his big brother who I know is watching over him from heaven.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanketThat smile…. Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with white wrap and knit bonnet Newborn baby wrapped in blue blanket in round cane basket with blue fluff with blue knit bonnet and felt heartMumma and papa wanted a gorgeous gallery filled with blues and greens and whites…this little guy looked divine in every set up! Newborn baby boy wrapped in green wrap with green blanket in farmers basket on white wooden floor with green and cream knit booties and green felt heart Newborn baby boy wrapped in green wrap with green blanket in farmers basket on white wooden floor with green and cream knit booties and green felt heartThis picture is extra special…those gorgeous knit booties next to Elias were made especially for his big brother Michael…and I wanted to include him in our session today…and the little felt heart because I know Michael will always be with Elias in his heart.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl wearing tan knit romper and matching bear bonnet with green blanket and multi coloured leaf floor rug on white wooden floorI shared a little live feed of this set up…did you catch it? Elias’s nursery is jungle theme so I knew this set up would  be perfect. I was channeling the jungle book and Baloo the bear!

Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket nakedThis guy was full of smiles today…does it get any sweeter?

Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with blue wrap and knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with blue wrap By far the best hair ever!! Honey blonde and brown…a little mohawk…it was so lush!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in round white felt bowl wearing white knit romper and bonnet on white wooden floorOh Lort…this guy though!!!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket wearing blue knit romper and bonnet with blue blanket on wooden floorThis is one of my favourite colours and favourite knit rompers…I must admit it was swimming on teeny tiny Elias but it was worth it…the cutest little guy ever! And he was just so laid back…slept the entire time despite several wardrobe changes and many many props! Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream bucket with blue wrap and blanket and bonnet and knit bear on white wooden floorJust a guy and his bear….

Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap with blue blanket and blue knit layer in wooden crate on wooden floorSnug as a bug…

Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden bed with green fur and green knit layer wearing green knit romper and green knit bootiesAnd last but not least…I think this one is my favourite…a sibling photo of a different kind but just as important…Elias and his big brother Michael’s little booties. Forever linked, forever together…one here earthside and one watching on.

Michael…thank you for bringing your family to me today…your beautiful spirit was present…I hope you know just how loved you are.

Elias…you are the sweetest little guy…I know you will help heal your families broken hearts and live an amazing life in honour of your big brother.

Sara and Nathan, thank you for trusting me to share your story and your gorgeous boys…it was a true honour.x.

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