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God sent to me an angel,
it had a broken wing.
I bent my head and wondered
“How could God do such a thing?”

When I asked the Father
why He sent this child to me,
the answer was forthcoming,
He said “Listen and you’ll see.”

“My children are all precious,
and none is like the rest.
Each one to me is special,
and the least is as the best.

I send each one from Heaven
and I place it in the care
of those who know my mercy,
those with love to spare.

Sometimes I take them back again.
Sometimes I let them stay.
No matter what may happen
I am never far away.

So if you find an angel
and you don’t know what to do,
remember, I am with you,
love is all I ask of you.”



Premature baby girl on ventilator in NICU

Lalania….meaning ‘Flower From Heaven’


This post is a special one for a very special girl. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to do a mini newborn session for the sweetest princess and her family. A teeny tiny little love with the biggest smoochiest lips and the strongest will to live.

Sometimes…both my worlds collide and when this gorgeous mumma asked if I could capture some newborn pictures like all my other families get I did not hesitate to say yes. Although Lalania isn’t like one of my usual chubby robust newborns and these images would be some of a few all this family would ever have.

On the 7th of January, Lalania was delivered, weighing in at a mere 980 grams and weeks before her time. She had an uphill battle against her but she was a fighter and with her family by her side, there was hope. Sadly, only a few days later, their worlds were shattered when Lalania’s condition proved worse than anyone had imagined. She fought such a good fight and together lots of beautiful memories were made with her family.

This perfect pink little princess snuggled up beautifully for me and we captured the sweetest of moments.

Premature baby girl in brown wooden bowl with pibk fluff wrapped in pink wrap with pink headband and pink knitted bear

Newborn baby girl in little white wooden bed with knitted pink and white blanket and pink head band

Premature baby girl on multi coloured pink crochet blanket wrapped in fushia pink wrap with pink head band

Sometimes…just sometimes….someone special comes along and you want to move heaven and earth to give them what you can.

A small gesture for one person can mean the world to another.

Mother and father cuddling each other while mother has premature baby wrapped in her arms all with their eyes closed and smiling in black and white

It is with the heaviest heart that as I share this post tonight, Lalania grew her angel wings yesterday.

Fly free sweet angel.

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Little dove I love you so…

But I know you had to go.

So spread your wings and fly my love…

Soar above the world my dove.

Paint the sky in indigo…

Let your graceful colours flow

And I’ll search the sky for your rainbow.

On what would have been Hayden’s 12th birthday, I am so honoured to be able to share this family’s story and the journey that came to the welcoming of baby Harry…..

Newborn baby boy in white basket on wooden floor laying in brown fluff with brown bonnet on holding photograph of three year old sibling who died

When I was young I wanted to have 14 children! After two miscarriages at 12 weeks and 17 weeks I finally became a mum in 2004. Life was pretty busy, but I loved every minute of it. Hayden was a happy go lucky baby, suffered from reflux, but otherwise I felt like the luckiest mum alive. I didn’t have the most gracious delivery, however all was forgotten once I had my beautiful bundle of joy in my arms. Not only was I trying to adapt to being a new mum, I was also in my final year of a nursing degree. With the help of my family, I managed to finish that year and became a nurse.

When Hayden was one, I became a single mum and although the challenge of being a mum was slightly harder, we managed to get through.

Tragically, my gorgeous son Hayden was taken too soon, due to an accidental death. I thought my journey as a mother would be a different one from then on wards.

Time passed and my heart found room to love again when I met Steve and we married in 2012. When we first met we knew neither wanted any children, so we were a perfect match. Then surprisingly our hearts found more room and we found ourselves expecting a teeny tiny miracle.

On the 7th of November 2014 we welcomed the most divine little man into our lives…..Harry Charles.

Newborn baby boy laying in cream wrap in wooden bowl on wooden floor Newborn baby boy laying in cream wrap in wooden bowl on wooden floor

Being a mum this time around has been quite nerve wracking. I’m not sure if that’s due to losing Hayden or because of working in the NICU. I had a fairly smooth pregnancy, however week by week I held my breath getting to the next. Looking after babies the same gestation as your tummy puts it into real perspective of what could or could not be. My poor husband not in a medical profession had the fear put in him and felt that all was not ok till I reached 28 weeks. With all my negative talk, I’m sure he felt he could not relax until we got to that point. It is hard seeing what goes on and in hindsight, with everything I have already gone through, I’m sure I was trying to protect myself in case the worst happened.

I have been a lot more relaxed than I thought I would be. Seeing Harry for the first time was the most amazing feeling. Steve and I could not be more in love and so happy we both decided to have a child in the end. We can both seriously not get enough of him.

Newborn baby boy in brown wooden crate with brown wrap and brown bonnet

Newborn baby boy in black cane basket wrapped in teal wrap laying on teal fabric Newborn baby boy laying in casket rectangle basket wrapped in blue blanket with blue bear bonnet holding blue bear Sleeping newborn baby boy laying on blue blanket wrapped in blue wrap with blue bonnet Sleeping newborn baby boy laying on blue blanket wrapped in blue wrap with blue bonnet Newborn baby boy laying in basket on brown wool with blue bonnet and wrap cuddling blue bunny Newborn baby boy laying in basket on brown wool with blue bonnet and wrap close up of hands Newborn baby boy laying in basket on brown wool with blue bonnet and wrap close up of face

When people ask me if Harry is my first it depends on who I’m talking to as to what I say. If it’s someone in the supermarket I always say Harry is my first. If its someone I know or I’m getting to know, then I will tell them our story. I don’t always like to share though, not because I don’t want to remember Hayden, but because I don’t like making people feel awkward or bad that they asked. I know in my heart and mind who my children are.

Hayden will always live on in our family. We have photo’s around our house of him and spend time together at his memorial site chatting to him as a family. I have kept his special toys and books, and as Harry grows we will share them with him.

Along with the love for my husband and our families, I feel Harry has given me a new will to live.

Sarah and Steve thank you so much for the privilege of capturing your gorgeous boy Harry and this special time in your lives but I can honestly not thank you enough for the true honour of sharing your journey and the beautiful blessing of knowing Hayden through your eyes. I have so much love for your honesty and for the courage it has taken to expose your raw heart and share it with others.

And secret squirrel….2016 will see another chapter to this story and it may be a pink edition!

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Tradition is the foundation of family….a gift given from those before us.

Newborn baby girl in wooden bowl wrapped in navy blue blanket lying on green fluff wrapped in tartan

Today I met the most divine little princess but boy oh boy she lived up to her feisty Scottish personality!! When Ayla’s mumma and papa asked if we could incorporate a teeny bit of Scottish tradition into her session I jumped at the chance (actually I cringed with nerves as I wanted to make sure I could live up to creating something amazing for them!!). Sweet Ayla is wrapped in her families tartan from her parents hand-fasting ceremony at their wedding. Tartan uniting two families, tying hands together and joining the Macpherson clan and the Robertson clan. There’s just something about tradition and passing that through the generations that makes my heart sing.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in orange wrap lying on grey fur rug snuggled with grey stripey elephant toy

Now what’s a session without a snuggly friend and how cute is this little elephant to boot? This gorgeous little guy was bought by someone special just for sweet Ayla and she was so happy tucked in beside him!

Newborn baby girl wrapped in cream blanket lying in yellow nest with cream teddy and yellow flower hair band

Sleeping peacefully like a little ray of sunshine. Yellow just makes me happy.

Newborn baby girl smiling laying on pink blanket with pink wrap and flower head band Newborn baby girl lying in wooden bowl filled with pink fluff wrapped in green lace wrap on multi coloured blanket

Gail and Rick thank you so much for choosing me to capture some sweet memories of your lovely Ayla…I could have snuggled her all day long.

With thanks to my amazing vendors

Divine Miss Ruby Designs

Princess and the Pea Props

Fab Fabrics

A Little Life Fabric & Props

Red Owl Photo Props

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Today I met the loveliest family and had the immense blessing of capturing their gorgeous miracle. It’s such an honour to share a little peak into their story with you all.

When Adam and Clare met 11 years ago they knew they wanted a family and after they were married in 2009 they began their journey. Only things were not as easy as they had expected and countless heart breaks have got them to this point. After multiple miscarriages, they tragically lost their beautiful daughter Lily Rose who was born sleeping in 2012. Through the ravages of the storm after Lily Rose, hope came with the safe arrival of their gorgeous rainbow Addison and together they are settling into life as parents to two beautiful daughters, one earth side and one watching over them from heaven.

Newborn baby girl in white nest with white wrap and white head band on rainbow backdrop surrounded by white butterflies

“A Rainbow Baby is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy and hope.”

Newborn baby girl wrapped in cream wrap with brown and cream headband laying in cream basket with tan fur and next to a caramel coloured teddy bear contained her sisters ashes

Addison brought her gorgeous sister Lily with her in the most loving way I can imagine, you see Lily’s ashes are snuggled inside this very special bear for everyone to cuddle and hold. The very moment we lay Addison next to the bear she settled into the most peaceful sleep and a calmness crossed the room. I might add…there was not a dry eye in the entire studio and my heart was simply bursting. To see these two sweet sisters side by side gave me so much love. Addison, I know Lily is with you and will always watch over you, how blessed you are to have an angel for a sister.x.

Newborn baby girl in wooden bowl with brown lace wrap wearing cream lace overalls and a brown bonnet on a brown background

I just adore this gorgeous romper from Emme Collection Newborn Props, it fit perfectly with mumma’s theme of caramel and brown colours and I’m sure you’ll agree looked divine on sweet Addison.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in little white wooden bed on purple blanket with knitted pink and purple blanket holding small pink bear with purple headband

Addison slept so peacefully for her entire session…especially snuggled in this gorgeous knitted blanket made lovingly just for her.

Newborn baby girl in purple crochet basket on purple fur on white floor holding purple owl soft toy with purple bonnet on

With the nursery theme of pastel purple owls we just had to share this beautiful image. Addison tightly holding onto a gorgeous little owl from Earthborn Photography Props …..does it get any sweeter?

Newborn baby girl in brown wooden bowl on brown back drop laying on pink fluff holding knitted pink and purple owl wearing purple romper with pink and purple head band on

And of course she brought her own special owl….knitted just for her!

Newborn baby girl laying on pink lace wrap with pink head band and pink wrap on top

‘Every day we are so grateful that Addison is here with us and that we were able to bring our baby home’

Clare and Adam.

With thanks to Clare and Adam for the privilege of sharing their journey. Also to my beautiful assistant Sarah and the amazing vendors that made this session happen.

Backdrop Emporium

Baby Joy Studios

Pup and Frank Photography Props

Princess and the Pea Props

Divine Miss Ruby Designs

A Little Life Fabric & Props

Addy & Gus Designs

Little Doe

Earthborn Photography Props

Emme Collection Newborn Props

Little Vintage Fox Prop Shop

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“Our love is like a tree that grows

still stronger through the years

Nourished by our laughter…

And sometimes by our tears.”

Newborn baby girl in purple flower nest wearing little purple romper

On the second of November 2012 Harper’s big brother Riley was born sleeping into the loving arms of his beautiful mumma and pappa. It is Riley that brought his family to me and for that I am extremely humbled. Today we surrounded Harper in the love of her brother Riley, I just know he was watching down on us. This gorgeous nest was inspired by Riley’s tree, the jacaranda, which has held a special place in his family’s heart since Riley arrived. As his family spent time loving him, they looked out the window and noticed a beautiful big blooming jacaranda tree and from that point they hatched a plan. A tiny ‘pup’ was taken from Riley’s Nanna and Poppa’s jacaranda tree and from there Riley’s tree began to grow and flourish. Riley’s ashes were used to support its growth and it blooms every year around his birthday. Under it’s nourishing branches the family talk to Riley and share their lives. Now that Harper and her brother Finn have joined the family, they too will always know about this special place.

Newborn baby girl in fluffy brown nest wrapped in blue wrap with brown bonnet on and laying beside fluffy toy owl belonging to her angel big brother

‘Snuggled safely under your wings….I know you are my protector’

When Harper’s mumma asked if we could include Riley in her session it completely filled my heart. Here she is safely snuggled with Riley’s owl. A bond that they will share differently to most siblings but connected in the most special way. Big brother. Guide. Protector.

Newborn baby girl in trencher wrapped in tan coloured lace and bonnet with little cream bear Newborn baby girl on cream blanket and cream knitted blanket wrapped in cream cheese cloth with cream owl and cream bonnet Newborn baby girl in wooden crate with tan knitted blanket on wrapped in teracotta blanket with mustard bonnet and brown owl sleeping Newborn baby girl isleeping snuggled n round wooden bowl with cream blanket and wrap in cream bonnet holding cream knitted rabbit

Kelly and Lee, thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl with me and for choosing me to capture these precious moments in your family’s journey. Riley, thank you for guiding your beautiful family into my arms. x.

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