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Capturing lasting memories of your beautiful baby completely fills my heart….their curly, snuggly little poses, the tiny wrinkly details, pouty lips and pink creamy skin. But for me, it is more than that. It’s about capturing connection and emotion.

There’s nothing I love more than including special things in a little ones session….a gorgeous blanket that nanna made especially for your baby, a tiny knitted teddy bear that you purchased before you even knew they were on their way, something that belongs to someone very important who can’t be here to meet your little one.

That image that will not only elicit emotion and memory from your session for many years to come but also celebrates the connection to that special item as they grow over the years.

When I first talk to families we talk about these special things and along with asking about something you may already have, I also ask about your little one’s nursery, about a theme and about things that have meaning to you.

Mum that is a ballet dancer…Dads favourite football team….Poppy that is a painter.

Your little mans elephant theme in the nursery…your favourite animals were owls when you were a child.

All of these memories and moments I try and capture in your session.

Sometimes…that special something is created just for the session and its from that moment on that its memory making begins.

With this in mind, I thought I would take opportunity to share with you some of my favourite vendors that make this magic happen. My lovely friends who cater to my random last minute requests when I tell them I need a black knitted bunny urgently as it has sentimental value to a very special family, or the beautiful rainbow unicorn that is being created lovingly as we speak for an extra special rainbow session. The baby blue bonnet knitted to match the session inspired by a little man’s nursery or the divine knitted elephant created and sent all the way from Italy. Everything I use is filled with love from my vendors to me and then on to you.

These are special people that help me create magic for your family.

If you are expecting or have a session booked with me throughout the year, I highly recommend checking out these special people and having something created just for your session.

First vendor…..Princess & The Pea Props run by my lovely friend Virginia who always goes above and beyond to help me when a client wants coral and teal colours. I get all my tiebacks from her and they are so very special.

Newborn baby girl on pink flokati wearing green lace romper and green flower tieback

Love That Prop and the gorgeous Shirls makes the most divine knitted items. When I contacted her madly asking for this gorgeous little black bunny for a special family she dropped everything to help me. All my little knitted friends and wraps are lovingly made by her.

Sleeping newborn baby girl with pink bonnet and pink wrap on pink blanket laying in grey nest with grey fur holding black knitted bunny

Wendy’s Baby Knits makes the sweetest rompers for all my little baby girls and always gets creative when I have special ideas…she is currently making a very special project for a very special baby girl that you will get to see in the next few weeks….eeeeep…watch this space!

Newborn baby girl sleeping in grey lace basket wearing mint lace knit romper on green back drop with green tieback

And I am super spoiled to come from a very creative family…including my gorgeous sister in law Sian from Yazzy’s Yarn who almost daily caters to my crazy requests and creations including this purely magical cocoon for a very special Hungry Caterpillar nursery theme print.

Very hungry caterpillar theme images first image sleeping baby dressed as caterpillar then sleeping baby in brown knit cocoon and then sleeping baby as butterfly

One of my amazingly talented and creative friends Michelle from Emme Collection Newborn Props who makes the most divine and intricate props that are like nothing else.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in green and cream nest wearing lace romper with lace bowl and lace tieback on wooden floor

Another gorgeous and extremely talented friend and fellow photographer who has a beautiful prop business that I absolutely adore working with, Kate from A Little Life Photography Props who creates all my stunning back drops to make your session magical.

Three images of sleeping babies in baskets or on blankets in mint pink or yeelow all on lace back drop

One of my absolute favourite vendors right now that creates rompers like I’ve never seen before with the most beautiful details and has me super excited to start using now with all the sitters in the studio!! Holly from Pup and Frank Photography Props I have a total crush on you right now! Three images of newborn baby girls asleep in props wearing little rompers

Truly one of the sweetest ladies ever….Ayla from Sweet Little Melody Props makes the sweetest sitter bonnets and flower crowns for all my bigger bubba’s coming through the studio and always goes above and beyond.

Toddler baby girl sitting in wooden crate in sunset field wearing cream bonnet

One of my newer vendor finds but completely in line with my style and seriously…who doesn’t love a snuggly little owl? These gorgeous little friends from Earthborn Photography Props are my fav!!!!

Six images of newborns all sleeping in different props holding little soft owl toys

One of the very props I purchased as a new photographer, something I use in every single session regardless of the age and size of the little one, the colours of the set ups requested or the style….the best knitted bonnets I have ever used. Jeannine from Little Doe makes absolutely perfect quality bonnets and I am so grateful to work with her.

Three images of newborn babies wearing knitted bonnets

My lovely inspiring, creative and super talented friend Elise from Addy and Gus Designs who never ceases to amaze me, creates these stunning crochet baskets among other things which are perfect for snuggling all my little newborns in!!

Nine sleeping newborns all in different crochet basket props

As you can see above I have loads of lovely props for you to use during your session to help create beautiful images and capture lovely memories of your little one and your family but please consider checking out these pages and vendors as I can guarantee you will find something special to bring along that is just about you and your baby…something to include in your session as we make magic happen and capture memories being made.

And to all my lovely vendors, I feel blessed to work with you daily and consider most you among my friends.

*All of these vendors apart from Pup and Frank are Australian owned family operated businesses, just like me, which is something I value highly*

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Twinkle twinkle little star….

Do you know how loved you are?

Today our sweet visitor was darling Penelope and her family…and of course she was beyond divine. Gorgeous dark hair and olive skin just like her papa and the poutiest rose bud lips! She was an absolute star as we created some stunning vintage and pink themed set ups to fill mumma’s heart.

Sleeping newborn baby girl wearing lace romper with lace headband asleep in cream and green flower nest Sleeping newborn baby girl wearing lace romper with lace headband asleep in cream and green flower nest Sleeping newborn baby girl wearing lace romper with lace headband asleep in cream and green flower nest

How divine is this stunning lace romper from Emme Collection Newborn Props it went perfectly with mumma’s vintage theme.

Smiling newborn baby girl asleep on white blanket wearing pink tieback

A perfect smile…..does it get any sweeter?

Newborn baby girl asleep in a wooden drawer wearing a pale pink romper with lace doily and pink headband Newborn baby girl sleeping wearing apricot feather romper laying on peach knitted wrap and lace in wooden log prop on wooden floor

Oh em gee…this has to be one of the most darling little rompers I have ever seen…soft and sweet from Pup and Frank Photography Props.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in pink lace laying on pink blanket in wooden bowl on pink fur holding pink rose with pink headband

Newborn baby girl sleeping on pink blanket wearing pink knitted bonnet Newborn baby girl sleeping on pink blanket wearing pink tieback with pink lacy wrap Sisters laying on pink flokati with pink wraps and pink head bands holding pink bear

Now this image is extra special not only because it shows the beautiful bond these gorgeous sisters already have but the bear that Elissa is snuggling is 28 years old….it is the first teddy that the girls grandpa bought their mumma when she was adopted and brought home as a baby. Mumma passed it on to Elissa and now Elissa is passing it on to Penelope and that is what it is all about. Celebrating this love and connection just fills my heart completely.

Newborn baby girl in green knitted romper layin in green and cream flower nest wearing white floral head piece

And one last sneak peak because this was to stunning not to share….Penelope in her little flower garden nest.

This gorgeous custom head piece was made from My Vintage Girl and worked perfectly with this beautiful image.

John and Jessica thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with me today and choosing me to capture memories of your sweet Penelope. She is completely stunning and a pure joy.

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There is no greater gift

than to watch a family grow…

Blessed to see their little home

blossom, shine and glow.

A couple filled with love to give

gifted with such joy…

A tiny babe just all their own

Sweet Jack…their little boy.

Today I had the immense privilege of photographing the most darling little man…Jack. Nothing fills my heart more than being trusted with friends most precious little ones and to be chosen to capture memories is the absolute best. I distinctly remember when Sam told me she was expecting…I was so excited that she considered me to take photo’s for them and spent the next 9 months on bump watch waiting for this special little guy to arrive. How lucky am I to watch this beautiful couple grow into a family of three.

This amazing mat that Jack is nested on sits beautifully in his nursery and was felted and sent all the way from Nepal.

(I may have tried to keep it…he he he!)

Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in green wrap laying in white nest on multicoloured green white and grey felted rug

His nursery is gorgeous blues and his mumma’s favourite colour is green so we had loads of fun today creating some special pieces that I hope will adorn this families walls for years to come.

Sleeping newborn baby boy on blue blanket wrapped in blue cheesecloth wrap laying on his belly with bum up in the air

Ummmm hello…that pout…does it get any cuter?

Newborn baby boy close up shot of face laying on green blanket with green wrap on top and green bonnet Newborn baby boy laying on green blanket with green wrap on top and green bonnet

Now Jack was a bit of a nosey parker and pretty keen to keep an eye on what I was up to today but when you get shots like this…I’m not complaining!

Awake newborn baby boy layin on wooden log bowl with tan brown felt wearing brown overalls Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in carkey green wrap laying on green knitted blanket and wrap in round wooden bowl on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping wearing green overalls laying in green nest surrounded by green leaves and moss

Oh em gee….how cute are these little booties Jack brought to his session…squee!!!!

Newborn baby boy wrapped in grey wrap wearing grey bonnet and grey booties laying on cream fur in wooden log bowl on wooden floor

Sam and Kiran you have made the most gorgeous little man….thank you for sharing him with me today. I hope you love your sneak peak as much as I enjoyed capturing it.

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A journey of a thousand tears cried gently over time…

I longed to hold you in my arms, forever to be mine.

But that was not to be for now our paths will cross again…

My heart will hold a space for you, sit safely there till then.

And till that day you’ll heal our hearts, a gift you sent our way

A rainbow in our Oliver…the sun to bright our day.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in a nest surrounded by a rainbow and leaves and two blue butterflies and two pink butterflies

Today a very special little man brought his mumma and papa to visit me but we were not alone….watching over us were Oliver’s big sisters and brothers…the room was filled with so much love. Two beautiful pink butterflies to represent his sweet sisters and two bold blue butterflies to represent his brave brothers.

Meet Oliver….13 Days New

Aleece and Chris, thank you for the absolute honour of capturing your beautiful family, and for sharing your journey with me. Your strength, courage and bravery to survive day after day is a privilege to witness.

Below is their story, told beautifully by Aleece.


Our journey started in July 2013. After a year of trying to fall pregnant, with no luck, I went to see a fertility specialist. He told me I had PCOS and we started on treatment. Luckily I fell pregnant first go with twins. Everything was going amazing until 22 December 2013. My waters broke and I had gone into labour at 21+5 weeks gestation. After going to hospital I was told there was nothing that could be done too save my little girls and I would have them soon. Tiarna Marie Thompson and Lillian Grace Thompson were born on the 23 December 2013. No one could tell me why it happened, so after my own investigation, I decided I must have incompetent cervix.

We fell pregnant again in April 2014. Twins again!!!! This time the “wait and see” approach was applied. I had fortnightly scans. I went in for a routine scan at the exact gestation the girls waters broke, 21+4. Sure enough it was discovered my cervix was 2cms dilated and bulging membranes. I was sent straight to mater mothers. Had an emergency cervical suture placed. After 2 and half weeks of hospital and home bed rest, my waters broke. I was 23+4. After infection set in I went into labour at 23+6. We had decided to try and save our baby boys. Unfortunately during labour twin one had a cord prolapse and we were told wouldn’t survive. After he was born, twin two was pulled out pretty quickly and taken straight to resus. Our little boy Jett lived for 2 and half hrs. Out second twin Tye was taken straight to NICU. He was doing well, but eventually contracted meningitis. He passed away at 5 days old.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on little white wooden bed laying on cream curly fur wearing cream knitted bonnet surrounded by photos of his siblings who have passed away

We took some time before trying again. We then went through two full cycles of IVF in the hope to only have one baby. Both of these cycles failed. We also did one monitored cycle which also failed. On our fourth try and finally fell pregnant. Again, with twins. However one twin sadly passed around 6 weeks. We started the long scary road of pregnancy again for the 3rd time. This time a prevented TVC was placed at 14 weeks. I had an amazing obstetrician who allowed me weekly scans from 20 weeks. After many tears, stressed calls to my ob and time off work, we finally made it to a date I never dreamed of, stitch out date. 37 weeks!!!!!!! Our little man decided he couldn’t wait and came the same day. Oliver Felic Thompson was born on the 13th may 2016. 2231 hrs. 2.6kgs. Absolutely perfect and the most amazing miracle.

Newborn baby boy wearing cream pants and knitted cream bear bonnet sitting on a shelf next to two big blue bears and two big pink bears

Our hearts are not healed. But he has brought joy and happiness back into our family. He is the blessing we needed to realize that life isn’t as cruel as we once thought. He will never replace his brothers and sisters. Nor shall they be forgotten. We will mourn their loss forever. Our rainbow Ollie is proof miracles do happen.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream fluff Newborn baby boy sleeping in brown wire farmers basket surrounded by cream curly fur and fluff with cream knitted bonnet on Newborn baby boy in grey wire basket with grey fluff Newborn baby boy laying on dark grey fur with dark grey wrap and dark gret bonnet Newborn baby boy laying on dark grey fur with dark grey wrap

It was all about soft grey and white today for baby Oliver but we had to add this gorgeous blue elephant since his nursery is themed with elephants! I think he liked it..all snuggled up there!!!

Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden log bowl wrapped in blue wrap with blue knitted bonnet and blue elephant on blue fur

Sweet Oliver you were an absolute joy to be with today. Watching you snuggle in your family’s arms working so hard towards mending hearts was a pure joy.

A beautiful rainbow in everyone’s lives.

Newborn baby boy laying on blue fur wrapped in rainbow knit wrap

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  • Nina Kennedy - These are incredible photos.. Ollie you are just TOO cute!
    Such a blessing to you guys xoReplyCancel

I have waited for you….like never before.

Sibling brothers laying on blue flokati with baby wrapped in blue wrap sleeping and big brother smiling

There is nothing more amazing than watching a family and their journey unfold and it is the biggest privilege to be a part of that story in some small way.

In 2010 I met the most gorgeous little man…and when I say little, I mean little. Spencer was born at just 26+4 weeks and weighing a mere 880grams. After an astounding 105 days in hospital with us we sent him on his way to grow and flourish.

Now you can imagine how excited I was when Spencers mumma got in touch to tell me they were expecting again. After such a traumatic time with Spencer, I must admit, I was holding my breath and sadly this new little life was not destined for earth. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak of losing a bubba and all the hopes and dreams you had for the pregnancy and for that little life and its future. Again….a sweet babe came to be…and again this little love was also not destined for earth. For five years Spencers mumma and papa dreamed of adding to their family and then in 2015 their hopes were answered. After a complicated pregnancy the most divine little being arrived earthside at 37+3 weeks!

Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in blue blanket laying on white cloud wrapped in rainbow on blue fur

A sweet rainbow after the ravage of the storm….Rocco.

Today, Spencer brought his mumma and papa…and most importantly his gorgeous new brother Rocco to spend time with me in the studio and together we had the best day! Rocco was a dream and it was so nice to see everyone again, especially Spencer who is doing amazingly considering his rough start.

How sweet is this little bunny Rocco brought with him?

Newborn baby boy sleeping wrapped in grey laying on grey blanket in wooden log prop cuddling blue and grey rabbit and wearing blue bonnet laying on wooden floors Newborn baby boy wrapped in grey knitted wrap laying on grey blanket Newborn baby boy wrapped in grey knitted wrap laying on grey blanket

Gaaaah….that smile…does it get any sweeter?

Smiling sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in soft grey wrap laying on cream fluff in brown farmers basket laying on wool on wooden floor Smiling sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in soft grey wrap laying on cream fluff in brown farmers basket laying on wool on wooden floor

I always ask families if they have anything special they want to bring to include in their session and I may have squealed a little when Rocco’s mumma said she was bringing this wooden crate!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden crate wrapped in grey fluff on wooden floor Sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in brown wrap laying in wooden bowl surrounded by brown sheep wool and on wooden floor

And as soon as I saw this cute little froggy friend…I knew he would fit perfectly with this vintage dolls bed…sigh..this has to be my favourite from today.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage wrought iron bed with green fluff and wrap with green frog

Oh hi there gorgeous boy…..

Awake smiling newborn baby boy laying on green knitted wrap on green blanket ASleeping newborn baby boy laying on green knitted wrap on green blanket

And one last one for this sneak peak.

Rocco thank you for being so lovely and for all the hard work you did to heal your families broken hearts. You were definitely worth the wait.

Yamini and Ant…I feel so blessed to have watch you grow these past 6 years as a family and I am so glad you chose me to capture special memories for you today.

Spencer…I am so proud of the gorgeous big boy you have become and you are the best big brother that a little bubba could ask for. Rocco is one lucky little man!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in green wrap laying in cane basket with green bonnet on brown back drop

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