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Haaaaalp….I don’t know what colours to choose for my newborn session??

Don’t panic families….this is something I hear ALL the time and luckily, I’m here to help you out!

When you book your newborn session with Amanda Maree Photography I send out a little questionnaire to better help me plan your session. I want to know your colour ideas for the session, if your nursery has a theme and if you want to bring anything to include in your session, and with all of these tips, I work my magic to create a beautiful session that you will adore for years to come. I want you to print your images, I want you to hang them big and grand throughout your home and I want them to fit in with your life. Some families know exactly what they want…give me all the pinks…only pinks and I like a vintage feel….or I like natural neutral colours….or bright modern colours….But sometimes…these questions can be overwhelming! So I’ve put together a few little pics to give you an idea of all of your options…because honestly, I can’t wait to create some beautiful images of your newest little loves.

If your home has an earthy feel and you use lots of natural neutral colours in your furniture, cushions, curtains and decor then it’s likely that not only your nursery will have that same feel but that choosing those sort of colours for your session will work perfectly when you hang that canvas on your wall. Neutral colours like creams, white, beige, greys and lights browns are timeless and never date across the years or through your changing fashion tastes!

Collection of newborn babies in neutral colour palettesSometimes though, the nursery has nothing to do with the rest of the style through out your house and you have very clear ideas about how the session will go. Her nursery is filled with beautiful soft pastel pinks or purples and you love flowers….or you have the most divine soft blue elephant that has been passed down from your father to you and now to your son and you are basing the nursery on that. Sometimes soft pastel colours are everything that little babies are about.

Newborn babies in pastel coloursAnd other times you prefer bright and bold…your house is filled with rich and bright colours….your favourite colour is yellow. Your little one is sharing a room with their big brother who has a bright blue Thomas The Tank Engine room and you want all the images to tie together. Sometimes you have a favourite quilt filled with bright happy colours that you want to include and you shape the session around that.

Sometimes….your session looks like a rainbow

Newborn babies in bright colours of the rainbowSome families haaaaatttteeee colour…and that’s ok too! Browns, chocolates, mustards and earthy tones are your jam. There’s just something about sticking to all the earthy naturalness of a newborn.

Newborn babies in brown earthy colours


But do you know what the most important thing is, that the session is exactly what you want it to be. That we work together to capture your beautiful new baby in all of their sweet, small, newness and it’s in images that you will adore for many years to come. I have aaaaaallllll the colours and all the colours go with boys and girls, there is no magic rule about who needs what and who goes with what. Let’s work together and make your session everything you’ve hoped for.

I remember with my first baby I didn’t know the sex, but I loved owls and I had so much fun setting up the nursery in soft greens, grey’s and whites. When he turned out a he, I had no real idea what sort of colours I wanted for my newborn session. My gorgeous friend and colleague Luisa from Luisa Dunn Photography captured both of my sweet babies newborn sessions and she is renown for her work with colour so I kind of just told her go for it! I loved olive green but otherwise I trusted her judgement. My second pregnancy, another surprise gender although I was confident it was also a boy, I let my love for mustard run through. He is almost 3 (gasp…I’m in total denial) and he has never had a room of his own. He had a basinette in my room in the beginning and then a cot shoved in the spare room which is mostly filled with studio props up until just a week ago when we made him his own room. BUT…all of the things I had for him during my pregnancy were rich mustard’s & terracotta colours. Of course, as we all know, he turned out to be a he and I included olive and burgundy into his newborn session and those images too now adorn our home.

Ultimately, it’s all about you and what you love. Thankfully I have loads of images on my website, Facebook and Instagram for you to stalk and get an idea. And hopefully this post helps too! Sometimes though, you have no idea, and that’s ok. You decide when you get here, or you roll the dice and let me have free run! Sometimes your session is shaped by one small family heirloom, or a soft toy you bought when your first saw those special two pink lines. Your session, is just that, YOUR session.

Let’s work together….I can’t wait!




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