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Anthony…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Who would have thought one tiny boy…

could work to heal our heart…

The love that he has brought with him…

present from the start.

Oh my goodness how divine is this gorgeous little (big) guy? I just love when clients return with new additions and this little man was no exception. Just last week I got the best surprise phone call….’you might not remember us, you photographed our baby four years ago….well guess what? We’ve had another baby…can you squeeze us in?’ And I am so glad I could!! It was so lovely to see this family again after so long, see how their teeny baby was now a big boy and meet their newest bubba. He was such a good boy in the studio I would have him back in a heartbeat….well, unless he was hungry (actually he was hangry lol!) Now I’ll let his mumma share his special journey and I’ll share some images along the way but just wait and see how divine this chubby little guy is!!

Our adventure together began in the UK in March 2001. I was on a working holiday visa and accepted a radiographer locum post in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I knew no one there – so when I got an offer for an after work drink at the social club by a friendly work colleague – I never knew that accepting it would change my life forever! She would later become not only a friend and travel buddy, but my sister-in-law! She would introduce me to my future husband – who was her boyfriends brother at the time. We never knew it was going to be so right to have our lives together and that it all would work out so well! In 2003, after showing Steve our fabulous country we celebrated a magical New Year’s Eve down in Sydney where he popped the question…and I said YES! It was then an easy decision in 2006 to migrate back to Brisbane to get married, settle down, especially as I have most of my family here. We bought our home in 2009 and hoped to fill it with lots of children! But that part of our journey was not an easy one – we struggled, had heartbreak, loss and nearly gave up! Finally in 2014 our first miracle arrived, a son – Timothy! That’s when Amanda first captured some beautiful newborn memories for us! But we never dared hope to get so lucky again! The recent joy with our new baby Anthony has been bittersweet, as it follows the loss of my mother. Due to a promise to her during her final battle with cancer, was why we would try again to have a baby. I’m a spiritual person, I believe that I’d not only had an “ear to God” by mum to make it happen, but always a butterfly would appear in times of support or struggle during this pregnancy that I felt was her presence. It’s like her hands delivered him safe to us! Family was important to her and I’m grateful for not only her, but my family and friends who have loved and helped us over the years! Timothy and Anthony have a fabulous support network and parents who adore them! We feel very blessed with our two boys!

World….Meet Anthony.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping in white cane basket with blue felt wearing white vintage romper on white wooden floor with blue and white butterfliesThis image gave me all the feels….the butterflies in honour of his Nonna who tragically lost her battle just before he was born, the vintage outfit, worn by his family and passed down through the generations and baby blue to celebrate gorgeous Anthony’s new life…. Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue knit wrap Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue knit wrap and bonnetSo many smiles today….I did a similar set up with Anthony’s older brother Timothy four years ago with this gorgeous lace ladder wrap in a brown so I thought it would be special for the family to have a comparison image…. Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with grey wrap and knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden crate with cream knit layer and blanket and bonnet on wooden floor with hessian layerMumma wanted a gorgeous gallery of blue’s, grey’s, creams and white’s…stunning right? Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream fur wrapped in grey blanket being held by sibling big brotherIs this not the sweetest little boy duo? The adoration Timothy had for his baby brother was so sweet to watch… Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with grey wrapEeeeep….the cute!! Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden box with grey curly felt layer wrapped in knit wrap with sibling big brotherHow proud does Timothy look? Newborn baby boy sleeping being held by fatherAnd last but not least….safe in papa’s arms…

Antoinette and Steve thank you so much for trusting me time and again with your gorgeous family….

Timothy…thank you for being such a good big brother and being so patient with me in the studio (even if it did mean you had to get out 76 trains on the lounge room floor before you felt confidant to come and hang out with me in the studio!) It was so fab to see you so grown up!

Anthony….you are all kinds of lovely (even if you pooped in my knickers 😉 )

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