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Toby…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

A journey of a thousand tears cried gently over time…

I longed to hold you in my arms, forever to be mine.

But that was not to be for now our paths will cross again…

My heart will hold a space for you, sit safely there till then.

And till that day you’ll heal our hearts, a gift you sent our way

A rainbow in our Toby…the sun to bright our day.


My heart has been absolutely busting for this session, many people collectively holding their breath for this little man to safely arrive earthside. Sent from heaven by his big sister to work towards healing his Mumma and Papa’s hearts. I first met this sweet family almost three years ago when I cared for their gorgeous big girl Ella who is just about to celebrate her big number three birthday and was so excited to bring her new baby brother to the studio today. Ella was born long before her time, eleven weeks early, and after twelve weeks in the NICU, she was finally strong enough to not only come home, but come to the studio for the most adorable ‘newborn’ session. Then last year I was so excited to hear that Ella was going become a big sister…heartbreakingly though, her darling baby sister Summer, grew her angel wings, staying with her family only for a summer, and is now watching down on her family from heaven. Sweet Summer sent her family a gift though, and today this little rainbow came to the studio so we could capture some very special memories.

World…Meet Toby…He’s New Here.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket wearing yellow knit romper with yellow wrap and sibling big sister sitting beside the basket wearing a yellow dress with macrame rainbow and yellow butterflySummer sending sunshine to her family…all of Mumma and Papa’s babies together in spirit First shot and look at that smile… Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue wrap and knit bonnetMumma and Papa picked a gorgeous gallery of blue’s, greens and neutrals…. Newborn baby boy sleeping in green wooden bed wearing teal knit romper with blue wrap and pillow and blue bear rattle on wooden floorHow adorable is my new bed…it went perfectly with Toby’s gallery Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with cream wrap and knit bonnetIt was interesting to compare Toby as a newborn and Ella…who was already twelve weeks old by the time she came to the studio…same nose, same pouty lips but Master Toby is already bigger than Ella was when she came home from the hospital. Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap in wooden log bowl prop with blue knit layer on wooden floorThis teeny little bundle was snuggled up under his Mumma’s heart just a few short days ago… Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket wrapped in green blanketLook at this perfect little face… Newborn baby boy wearing cream knit romper sleeping in round wooden bowl with tan blanket and knit layer and hessian layer on wooden floor holding felt pastel rainbowThe sweetest little rainbow… Newborn baby boy sleeping in oval cane basket with green wrap and blanket and dried flowers on wooden floorSigh…that smile. Newborn baby boy sleeping in vintage iron bed with blue curly felt and hessian layer wearing blue romper and knit bonnet and pillow on wooden floorYou just can’t beat a little bubba in some pj’s snugged in a little bed… Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue blanket being held by sibling big sister on cream furHeart melt… Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden trench bowl wearing teal knit romper with teal blanket and blue wrap with dried flowers and macrame rainbowAfter every storm…there is a rainbow of hope.x.

Charlotte and Ben I feel so blessed to have been a part of your journey over the past few years, the highs and the lows. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me and giving me the honour of capturing these special moments for you.

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