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“My brave butterfly…your body may have died but your fighting spirit will forever be a part of me.

For as I carried you in my womb through your life, I will carry you in my heart through mine”

Today we honour you, sweet Maisie, on your one year angelversary…

I literally have no words for today’s session but I’m digging deep and finding it in my heart to show just a small fraction of the love I have found. Sometimes the planets align and you are drawn to people you are meant to meet, people you need in your life for whatever reason. Today’s mumma is definitely one of those people. We ‘met’ virtually a couple of years ago in an online IVF group…both on a path towards meeting our little loves. We shared a doctor and are both nurses so things just clicked I guess you could say. She shared in the joy of my little Emery and of course my heart exploded when she too saw those two pink lines. Of course you can imagine my horror when my day job came into play and I was guiding mumma through a potential very preterm delivery and then heartbreakingly the loss of her sweet little love. There are no words for the loss of a child, it is by far the worst that can come. I just knew that our paths would officially cross again though when the time came for their divine rainbow to join them earthside…and guess what everyone…he is here. Sent from heaven by his darling sister and the greatest of gifts. I’m going to let mumma and papa share their story but please join me in welcoming this gorgeous little man….

World….Meet Owen.x.

Ours is a somewhat long story. John and I started trying for our first child together after marrying in November 2014. I have a 15 year old daughter Emma and 19 year old son Bailey already and we were excited to share the experience of a new baby with them as well. But after 2 years of trying, including 3 cycles of clomid it still hadn’t happened (other than one very early loss) and we started the scary and stressful IVF process. We had huge success with our one and only stim cycle and egg collection…getting 12 frozen embryos! Finally things seemed promising. The first 4 embryo transfers were all unsuccessful and then on transfer number 5 we got that amazing call…I was pregnant! But only a week later it was all over already. We did a 6th embryo transfer again without success so we made the decision I would have a laparoscopy to see if something was wrong. Our specialist found and removed some mild endometriosis and after a short break we transferred the 7th embryo. Success! It was a stressful pregnancy with 7 huge bleeds but every time scans showed a healthy happy baby. At 19 weeks after another bleed had settled my water broke stepping out of the shower and a few days later our beautiful tiny daughter Maisie was born. Her heart kept beating for 2 hours and 4 minutes while we held her. After a 3 month break we went back yet again for our 8th embryo transfer….another success! Anxiety was high but all went smoothly until at 16 weeks I had pain and a scan showed my cervix was very short and funelled. Things looked dismal. We were given progesterone and sent home to wait and see. We were sure it was doomed once again. 3 weeks later another scan showed it was a centimetre shorter and it seemed inevitable it would end but our Obstetrician took me to theatre and put a stitch in as a last attempt to keep him inside. Then it was back to the couch at home to rest and wait and see. At 23 weeks I was given steroids and we had a stressful conversation with the paediatrician about our feelings on resusitating a micro premmie. Every day felt like an achievement. After 5 months of modified bed rest at home we somehow got our miracle! My stitch was removed at 37+2 and he waited until 39+5 to make his grand entrance…a full term 3.9kg healthy baby! We finally got our happy ending and he is very much worth the wait, the stress, the money and the heartache.

So grateful to you Amanda for your support through our IVF experience, the loss of Maisie and the stress of this pregnancy…so lovely to have you take these beautiful photos of our Owen and share in the joy as well.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl with cream blanket and knit romper cuddling sheep toy on wooden floor with framed photo of stillborn baby sibling and butterfly and felt heart and words hopeThis image is everything and more….darling Owen curled up snuggling gorgeous Maisie’s little knitted lamb named Avery, mumma’s very first baby present after Maisie’s heartbeat scan. A photo of darling Maisie, a butterfly representing her watching over her brother, a heart and some hope. So much love in one image my heart could literally burst. Mumma and Papa didn’t come into the studio during Owen’s session, everything was a surprise, and I must admit…I shed a quiet tear capturing this image. From the ultimate heartbreak to a glimmer of joy. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream bucket with grey wrap and felt layer on white wooden floor with grey knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream bucket with grey wrap and felt layer on white wooden floor and grey felt heart

Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream bucket with grey wrap and felt layer on white wooden floorToday’s session was a beautiful collection of earthy neutral tones…I adore this gorgeous grey on Owen.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden bed with brown knit layer and felt wearing knit romper with felt hearts on white wooden floorJust chillin…taking a nap….what more could a boy want?

Newborn baby boy sleeping in brown farmers basket wearing brown knit romper with brown blanket and hessian layer holding brown owlOwen’s nursery is a woodland animal theme…these little owls are so sweet and went perfectly.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden crate with cream knit layer and wrap and knit bonnet on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on grey blanket wearing grey knit romperThat sweet little smile…. Newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden log prop with grey blanket and wrap and knit bunny on white wooden floorHow sweet is this little parcel all snuggled up next to this adorable little bunny!

Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden crate wearing cream knit romper with cream blanket and rabbit fur and knit soft toysOh my….I think this one is my favourite…just a little guy snuggled up with his friends.

These sessions fill my heart entirely and work towards healing broken hearts.

Owen you are the gift that everyone needed and knowing that Maisie has sent you especially makes the blessing so much bigger.

You are the true light after so much darkness.

Sandy and John…I feel so blessed that Maisie has brought us together.


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