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Memories…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I stand weathered photo loose in my hand

reminded of times my heart can not stand

it’s all that is left to show me just how

we loved and we’ve lost together for now

Time it is short and memories fade

and before we know it, our time it is made

a photo, a frame it’s all that is left

and you my friend are all but bereft.

Mother wearing hat and pink dress holding newborn baby girlThis is my mumma and I, many moons ago. Actually, it’s on her wedding day and I was 6 weeks old (gasp what a sin, right?). It is literally one of a handful, and I’m talking one handful not two handful’s, of photo’s I have with her growing up. Now luckily, she’s still here, in fact I see her most days of the week and she is my best friend and so much more, but that’s not the point of the post. So, what is? I would do anything to have more photo’s with her, because I know before long that is all I and future generations will have left. You see she hates having her photo taken, she has bad teeth, so she says, so she just refuses. But do you know what, I don’t care about remembering her bad teeth growing up, I care about the times we went to the beach and she sat with me in the sand, or how she pushed me super high on the swing…those memories will fade over time and there will be no evidence of those moments ever happening. And even more important is the moments I have no memories of…when she first held me in her arms after I was born, when she was feeding me snuggled up at her breast, when she held me wrapped up in the first few weeks. There is absolutely no evidence of those times and that makes my heart hurt a little. And THAT is the reason for this post….

Mumma’s and papa’s you NEED to exist in photo’s. And if not for yourself but for your children and for future generations to come. Leave a legacy that can be handed down throughout time. You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. So what if you are chubbier than you’d like to be, your hair isn’t done, your teeth aren’t perfect. Your family DONT care about these things. They want to remember the moment for what it is, for how it made them feel. For the person that you are and the magic that was happening during that moment. Parent’s often say to me they don’t want to get in the shot, they are tired, like proper tired and not feeling their best and I always remind them that it isn’t about what you look like. It’s about capturing this very moment in time. Your little love will never be this small, this curly, this new again…you will want to look back on the moment they squished up into your hands, snuggled into your arms…and THEY will want to know this moment too. So get in that photo…say yes, again and again.

Smiling baby girl in basketHow sweet are my ‘newborn’ photo’s?….not a single one with my parents though 🙁

But then….you need to print that photo! Sadly, this is the only copy of these images…and my mum cut it up to go in my baby book 🙁 I am grateful I have it at all but there is no negative. I have a small box of photo’s from my childhood and graciously I am of the generation that had baby books! This generation though is the most photographed, in the age of smart phones and social media but it is also the generation with the least evidence of their presence. Baby books and framed images are a dying art…but sadly, so is the technology…disc’s, usb’s, hard drives…the faster a new gadget comes along, the faster the old one is made useless. Things you thought you were preserving are literally just collecting dust.

So existing is the most important thing, it is the gift you need to give yourself and your family…and then print, print, print.

I don’t often share parent shot’s online but check out some of these sweet babes below and book your session TODAY!

Father holding sleeping baby boy in black and white Newborn baby girl wrapped in cream wrap being held by mother and father Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap being held by mother Newborn baby boy being held by father Newborn twin boys wrapped in navy blue wrap being held by mother Newborn baby boy being held by parents kissing Newborn baby girl in cream romper being held by mother and father



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