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Mason And Inara…Brisbane Newborn Photographer

“One day I will tell you the story of your

entrance into the world.

The story about how I long to hold you, to

feed you, to kiss your perfect head.

The story about how every day all I

thought about was keeping you safe and

bringing you home.

One day I will tell you everything so that

you will believe in miracles.

Because sweetheart, you are one.”


I was so excited when today’s sweet Mumma got in touch. I feel so blessed to be able to meet so many new lives in my other job and I see so many families that miss all the opportunities that you anticipate you will have when you first hear that tiny heart beat. So many NICU families miss out on baby showers, maternity photo’s, birth photo’s and newborn sessions. The babies are often month’s old when they finally make it home, they are medically vulnerable and need so much more. It fills my heart that I can still make this magic for everyone regardless of their story and that these families feel safe and welcome in my studio. I first meet these gorgeous twinnies when they were born long before their time and have been by their side through many ups and downs along the way. My heart near skipped a beat when Mumma messaged to say they were finally home. I’ll let her share their story and I’ll share some sweet pics along the way….

World…Meet Mason & Inara…They Are New Here.x.

Mason & Inara were both born at 25 + 3 weeks gestation, Mason at 940g & Inara at 825g. I’ll never forget meeting them for the first time & the shock of seeing how tiny they were, I never knew until 3 weeks prior that babies this small could even survive. I was even more shocked when the day came that I could finally hold them; it was one of the best days but most scariest days of my life. It was a long journey of watching them grow & overcome many challenges, some days I never thought we’d ever leave the hospital but after 101 days we got to bring them home & even more amazing; we could bring them home together. It’s incredible how strong they are. Michael & I are so proud to be their parents & are excited to continue to watch them grow & develop their little personalities. We can’t thank Amanda enough for photographing our twins & for also taking care of them while they were in the NICU. We are incredibly grateful to be able to have their photos taken by someone we were comfortable with & could be confident that they would be in the best hands. Newborn boy and girl twins wrapped in tan wraps on brown fur with baby girl wearing a bow tiebackCould they get any cuter? Newborn boy and girl twins sleeping in rectangle cane basket wrapped in green wraps with green blanket and hessian layer with green folliage and boy wearing green knit beanie and girl wearing green bow tiebackMumma & Papa picked a divine earthy colour palette with gorgeous greens and browns… Newborn boy and girl twins sleeping in wooden bed with rust brown blanket and hessian layers and dried folliage with girl wearing flower crown on wooden floor

How are adorable are these two snugged up together! Newborn boy and girl twinssleeping on olive blanket wrapped in olive wraps with girl wearing bow tiebackThose little piggies peeping out…love me some baby toes… Newborn boy and girl twins sleeping on cream flokati wrapped in green wraps holding pandora braceletsLove love love when families bring something special to include in their session and these sweet little pandora bracelets are no exception. Newborn boy and girl twins sleeping in cane basket with brown blanket and brown wraps with girl wearing gumnut halo Newborn boy and girl twins wrapped in brown wraps being held by father with mother cuddling inThis moment right here…the realization that you finally have your babies home in your arms. Newborn baby girl sleeping in round wooden bowl with olive wrap and blanket and knit beanie on wooden floor with hessian layer and green folliage Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl with olive wrap and blanket and knit beanie on wooden floor with hessian layer and green folliage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mason and Inara it was such a treat to have you in the studio today and to see just how far you’ve grown and thrived from those teeny tiny babies I met many moons ago. I can’t wait to watch you grow further over the next year and see the sweet friendship between the two of you develop.

Chloe and Michael I’m so glad you trusted me over the last few months and even more so today when you handed over your little loves…I hope you adore these images, I am so glad we could make it happen.x.

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