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Harley, Chloe and Mia….Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Life it was so simple…

so quiet, calm and free…

And then it got quite busy…

when we added three!

But now it seems although…

you were always here…

never we imagined…

how much we’d hold you dear.


I will never forget the day I met today’s sweet mumma. She was standing still, rather dazed and confused amongst a sea of babies and a large collection of them were hers!! You see today’s little visitors are the most amazing miracles and the best of surprises! Life was cruising along smoothly for this family, a young couple together, helping raise papa’s little guy, thinking maybe they might like to add a little bubba, part of the both of them, to complete their little world. You can only imagine the shock when that surprise was a little bigger than they initially anticipated. When the ultrasound revealed not one, not two but three little heartbeats. Even more surprising that this was a spontaneous pregnancy, one tiny egg, split into three to create these gorgeous identical triplet girls!!! So of course you can imagine MY excitement when the girls were ready to leave the NICU and were well enough to visit us in the studio today! What a story….

This story begins back in June 2018 when Jessica and Adam got the surprise of a lifetime when they were told they were having identical triplet girls, Mia, Chloe and Harley.
With no fertility drugs or family history, these girls were certainly meant to be.
Jessica had a fairly easy pregnancy considering there were 3 tiny humans growing inside her and made it to 31 weeks before the girls needed to be delivered due to pre-eclampsia and poor little Chloe was not as big as her two sisters but never doubt her strength. They spent 6 weeks in the Mater Mothers NICU and special care units before coming home early in the new year stronger than could have ever been imagined.
For Jessica and Adam, adjusting to life with triplets is somewhat challenging but when you have 3 little angels like these life could not get any better. 
World….Meet Harley, Chloe and Mia.x.
Newborn twin girls wrapped in blue blankets in a blue floral nest on white wooden floor wearing blue flower tiebacksI shared a little live of this set up….aren’t they just divine. Mumma loved beautiful beachy colours…blues, teals, tan’s and pink’s and this nest was just perfect. How gorgeous do the girls look in blue all snuggled up together? Now I thought I was onto it, sweet Chloe is the smaller of the girls, so that made things a little easier but the bigger girls are very similar in weight and were near impossible to tell apart. Mumma came up with the clever idea of painting little Mia’s toenail…which was perfect until we wrapped them up! But I’m going to say, left to right, that this is Harley, Chloe and Mia…and that is the order we tried to stick to for the session although at times it was a sea of babies and nappies and wraps!!!
Newborn triplet baby girls wearing pink rompers and tiebacks in a white cane basket with white blanket inside and pink blanket underneath on white wooden floorNewborn triplet baby girls wearing pink rompers and tiebacks in a white cane basket with white blanket inside and pink blanket underneath on white wooden floorYou can just tell already that these girls are going to be the best of friends….
Newborn triplet girls wrapped in cream wraps on cream fur with cream tiebacksIt was so lovely to see the girls looking so chubby and healthy considering they were only 1630grams for Mia and Harley born, and 1030grams for teeny Chloe….
Newborn triplet girls sleeping on blue blanket with blue tiebacks and blue wrapHeart explode….right?
Newborn triplet girls sleeping on pink blanket with pink wraps and pink bonnetsNewborn triplet girls sleeping in round wooden bowl with cream blanket and wraps with hessian layer and shells on brown backdropA little bit of beach in the studio today…

Newborn triplet girls dressed in teal rompers laying in round teal bowl with cream blanket and teal curly felt layer on white wooden floorAnyone who knows me knows I love a good romper and these three teal outfits were so adorable on the girls today!!!

Newborn triplet girls sleeping on blue blanket with blue wraps and blue felt layer and tiebacksNawwww I hope they sleep this peacefully at home for their mumma and papa…they were seriously amazing for us in the studio today!

Newborn triplet girls sleeping in teal felt nest in under the sea setting wrapped in green, navy and plum wraps with purple, white and mustard flower crownsAnd lastly…a little bit of sea magic for their beach inspired session…

Harley, Chloe and Mia it was such a blessing to see you all today and see you go from strength to strength over the last couple of months in the NICU. Your fighting spirit shines through and you are definitely meant to be here. Thank you for sleeping up a storm and being so patient with us as we snuggled you up in prop after prop!

Jessica and Adam…while I am tired just at the thought of how busy life is for you right now, it was a joy to see how amazing you guys are doing today. The girls are divine and you should be so proud. Thank you for the opportunity to capture memories of this special time in your lives. I can’t wait to watch the girls grow and have you all back in the studio throughout the next year!

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