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Elsie….Brisbane Newborn Photographer

“Though she be little she be fierce…Shakespeare”

I have literally been busting for months for today’s session and I am sure you will see why below! This little firecracker was first my little patient in the NICU and I have been patiently waiting for her to be strong enough to come home and then to the studio…and today was that day! She has overcome so much and she is a true miracle in all senses of the word. After an enormous fight both her and her family made it home and I was all kinds of proud to see them here today. I’ll let Mumma share their story and I’ll share some pics along the way but just you wait…this adorable little love is everything….

After 5 years of IVF and four losses, little Elsie graced us with her presence on 11th February 2022. Arriving at 26+6 weeks and only 840 grams, Elsie is now 5 weeks adjusted and ready for her newborn shoot!

World…Meet Elsie…she’s (kinda) new here.x.

Newborn baby girl sleeping then awake on pink knitted blanket with pink blanket and with floral crown or knit bonnet and toy tigerThis was pretty much how the session started and we were in fits of giggles…I swear she’s been here before with those big eyes looking deep into our souls But then she drifted off into sweet smiley sleep and slept all the way till the end of the session. Elsie brought this adorable little tiger to her session as both her and Mumma are born in the year of the tiger… Newborn baby wrapped in pink wrap sleeping in wooden bowl with butterfly blanket and 3 nappies on pink hessian layer on wooden floorThis beautiful butterfly wrap was Elsie’s first blanket in the NICU many months ago and the nappies on the left are the 3 sizes she used while she was there…can you believe that teeny tiny one was too big on her…and can you also believe that she is now over 4 times her birth weight? Newborn baby girl sleeping on vintage iron bed wrapped in peach wrap with peach curly layer on cream fur with peach flowersI don’t know that she could be more perfect… Newborn baby wrapped in cream wrap on cream fur with cream bow holding silver braceletThe sweetest of smiles and those little piggies peeping out…how stunning is the little bracelet Elsie brought with her. Newborn baby wrapped in peach wrap sleeping on peach blanket with peach bowAll the smiles today…Mumma and Papa asked for a gallery of soft peachy pinks and the colours just looked so perfect on Elsie’s complexion. Newborn baby sleeping in round bowl wrapped in pink blanket with pink wrap and lace blanket and bow tieback holding broachHow special is the little E broach Elsie is holding…it was given to Elsie’s Mumma Emma by her Mumma and will now be handed down to Elsie. Newborn baby girl sleeping in cane basket wrapped in peach wrap with pink quilt layer and hessian layer on wooden floorLashes for days and those smoochie little lips… Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with flower wrap and bow tiebackElsie also bought this stunning floral wrap and I just adore the gorgeous colours…. Newborn baby girl awake in cane basket wearing pink knit romper with pink blanket and pillow and dried flowers on wooden floorAnd this is how the session ended…I have literally 500 shots of this most adorable little face…there were so many giggles again…the joys of an older newborn…she kept following our voices and was super nosey!

Gorgeous Elsie it fills my heart to see you so strong and healthy today. I am so happy that you are finally home safely in your Mumma and Papa’s arms after everything you have all been through and I can’t wait to watch you grow!

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