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Little dove we needed you

more than you’ll ever know

We wanted and we loved you

before that you did grow.


Sessions are always so much sweeter when it’s a babe that you have known and loved on already for such a long time. Today’s sweet girl has been around for a little while but thankfully, she escaped the NICU just in time to visit me for the most divine newborn session!! I was one of her very first NICU nurses…and shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but one of her favourite nurses too!! It’s been such a joy to watch her grow from strength to strength over the past few months. I’ll let her mumma share her story below and I’ll share some images throughout but check out this lovely little lady….

Ben and I had both wanted a family our whole life but had never found the right person to do that with until one day in 2014 we stumbled across each other and since that moment we have never looked back. We had many adventures in the first couple of years together, got married on 9th March 2018, then after our honeymoon got the best news that we were expecting our first bundle of joy on 8th February 2019. We fell pregnant much sooner than we thought but were over the moon with the news.

I had the dream pregnancy, I was feeling great and baby was developing perfectly. The pregnancy was going so well that 3 months before Ella’s due date I sent Ben on a fishing trip up north with the boys. Unfortunately 24 hours later I ended up in the Mater Mothers hospital in preterm labour. It was touch and go for a few days which gave my husband enough time to dump the boat on the side of the road and fly back to Brisbane.

At 16:52 on 21/11/2018 baby Ella was delivered by emergency cesarean and weighed a tiny 1300grams (2.8pounds), she was 11 weeks and 2 days early.
It was an extremely scary, unknown, confronting and heart wrenching time but she has proved to the world that she is a little fighter. She overcame one hurdle at a time from learning to breath unassisted, learning to hold her temperature, learning to feed through a tube and later from the breast, having her blood tested every second day, having her eyes and ears tested every week, tackling a double hernia operation when she was still so small and the list goes on…

After many long weeks in intensive care with the wonderful NICU doctors and nurses we were finally able to bring our precious Ella home. She now weighs a massive 3.2kg and is as healthy as ever.
It was a roller coaster of a 12 weeks but now we are finally able to be the loving parents we always wanted to be to our little miracle.

World…Meet Ella.x.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on grey blanket with white lace wrap and grey flower tiebackNewborn baby girl sleeping on grey blanket with white lace wrap and white knit bonnetMumma chose a stunning gallery of natural neutrals…greys, whites, browns, creams and pinks…and will you just look at this adorable little lady…perfect in every set up!Newborn baby girl sleeping in farmers basket with pink blanket and wrap and bow tieback and flowers on white wooden floorNewborn baby girl sleeping in round cane basket with brown blanket and knit layer and wrap and tieback with bunny toy on wooden floorSweet Ella smiled up a storm all day long…as long as I didn’t have my camera around!!! But I did manage to sneak this one in without her looking! She brought this adorable little bunny with her and I’d say by the look of the set up…she likes him!!Newborn baby girl sleeping in grey lace basket with grey fluff and fur wearing grey romper and flower tieback and silver bracelet on white wooden floorOh em gee…how divine is this gorgeous bracelet with Ella’s name on it…I just love it when families bring special keepsakes.Newborn baby girl sleeping in grey lace basket with grey fluff and fur wearing grey romper and flower tieback and silver bracelet on white wooden floorNewborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with pink knit blanket and tieback with soft toysLook at Ella’s gorgeous little friends she brought with her and this stunning pink blanket made especially for her!Newborn baby girl sleeping in cream tin bucket with cream felt layer and wrap and knit bonnet on white wooden floor and flowersNewborn baby girl sleeping in round wooden bowl with purple blanket and wrap and tieback on wooden floorI shared a live of this set up…did you catch it? I just love this dusty purple colour…Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with brown lace knit wrap and bonnetNewborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with brown lace knit wrap and tiebackNow whenever I do this sort of pose, I always imagine that this is exactly what baby was curled up like just mere days earlier. Of course it’s a little different with Ella because she’s wasn’t snuggled up at term in her mumma’s tummy but still crazy to think that the little 1.3kg baby is now a chunky 3.2kg big girl!!Newborn baby girl sleeping in wooden crate with pink wrap and blanket and knit bonnet on hessian layer on wooden floorNewborn baby girl wrapped in plum wrap with rose tieback and rose sleeping on cream furThis is a special picture and I’d have to say, one of my favourite’s…a rose for little Ella Rose.Newborn baby girl sleeping on wooden bed with pink curly felt layer and knit layer wearing pink romper and knit bonnetThere is just something so gorgeous about babies in little onesies taking a nap! Papa loved this bed and mumma chose the colours and textures so it’s the perfect set up!Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink romper being held by fatherAnd last…but not least…just a teeny girl safe in her papa’s arms.

Charlotte and Ben…thank you sharing your gorgeous girl with me and for the privilege of not only allowing me to care for her in the NICU but also being able to capture special memories of you all during this extra special time.

Ella you are beyond cute…don’t ever change!


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