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Eadie….Brisbane Baby Photographer

Little girl, a true delight…

to watch you learn and grow…

To see you with such wonder…

discovering all you’ll know…

And now a year has come and gone…

We’ve really had such fun….

Our little darling fully grown…

We can’t believe you’re one!

It really is the greatest gift to see all the sweet babies that visit the studio as teeny tiny newborns grow and change over their first year and this divine little princess was no exception. There is no truer phrase than blink and you’ll miss it when it comes to a babies first year which is all the more reason to capture those special memories as they are happening.

Whenever a family gets in touch to schedule a milestone session I always look back at their newborn session to plan what we will do in their upcoming session….and I had a teeny giggle when I looked back at today’s little loves session. I had made a comment about her furrowed brow and serious face…well you’ll never guess the look she gave me when she got out of the car today…total stink eye! Thankfully, very quickly she decided I wasn’t too bad…although she definitely could have done without my tiebacks and bonnets. (I’ve had a few milestone sessions lately where little ones have hated things on their heads…my one year old is obsessed with putting things on his head, I’m sure he’d love to get around in a headband all day lol! I feel like maybe I need to send out a learning guide for milestone sessions that includes instructions on head training…day 1…5 minutes headband wearing, day 2 two x 10 minute headband wearing, day 3 throw on a beanie for good measure!!)

All giggles aside, we had such a fun morning capturing some special memories for this mumma and papa, and it filled my heart to see this gorgeous girl again!

World…Sweet Eadie is One!

(Look how much she’s grown)

Newborn baby girl sleeping on grey spot blanket with grey knit bow tieback and same set up with one year oldWhen mumma arrived we commented on how looking back at newborn images now, you can see she is the same person but at the time of the newborn session there is always so much wonder of the person they will become. How darling is little Eadie, those lashes have remained and revealed the most captivating eyes.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in round wooden bowl with pink fluff and wrap and flower tieback and same set up on one year oldMy absolute favourite part of the style of milestone sessions I capture here at Amanda Maree Photography is that we do comparison shots throughout the year to see just how much they’ve grown…it seems like just a second ago that she was sooooo teeny tiny snuggled in this wooden bowl.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in white wooden bed with cream fur and blanker and tieback and bunny and same set up as a one year old

Eeeeeep….Papa loved this little white bed so we just had to recreate this set up….and the little bunny, looks soooo much smaller now.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in round cane basket with dusty pink curly felt and pink wrap and bonnet and same set up as a one year oldOh dear….Eadie may have not been too excited about bonnets but this shot was worth it by far…model material right there!

Newborn baby girl sleeping in grey lace basket with cream lace blanket and wrap and tieback and felt heart and same set up as a one yaer oldEadie had the cheekiest little giggle…never mind the crazy singing, dancing and noises that were going on behind the scenes to make this happen!!

Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink crochet basket wearing pink knit romper and tieback with white blanket and same set up as one year oldLook at those adorable toothy pegs…this truly is such a lovely age.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream fur wrapped in cream blanket with cream bunny and same set up as one year oldI dreamed of this image when we first did this set up with Eadie’s sweet bunny friend…so special to see literally just how much change has happened in such a short period of time. I know this bunny will be her buddy for many years to come, I love that her family will have these images to look back on.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on grey spot blanket with grey knit bow tieback and same set up with one year oldOh Eadie you could not be more lovely….

Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink flower nest wearing brown flower fawn romper with pink blanket and knit layer and same set up as a one year oldThis little fawn romper is my absolute favourite so when I went to recreate the set up I just knew I had to use the matching fawn flower crown. Eadie’s nursery is woodland animal theme and so these two images just sing to me.

One year old crawling on cream floor wearing pink romper and pink bow tieback and holding pink soft elephant toyAnd how could I not finish with this divine shot…sweet and simple…Eadie with her best friend, the most darling little elephant who kept her safe and calm in my scary studio today with that big black camera in her face. The way she snuggled into him was so special.

Eadie, it has been an absolute joy to watch you grow this past year and an even greater privilege to capture it for your mumma and papa. Thank you for coming to the studio today and for being so patient with me and my crazy headbands and bonnets.



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