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I look for you everywhere…the twinkle of the stars, the sway of the trees….

the whispers in the wind, the reflections in the water, the sun rising, the sunset.

And I will keep looking…..

Every time I thought of today’s session my heart skipped a beat….from the moment mumma booked her session early in pregnancy until this sweet sweet family arrived in the studio today. You see I have met this family before. The last time we were all together I was caring for their gorgeous twin girls in the NICU almost four years ago. Heart breakingly, only one sweet twin walks earthside whilst one watches down from heaven. I am sure it is that darling angel that brought her family to me today in the form of a beautiful rainbow.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink crochet basket with pink wrap and tieback in rainbow backdropWith a little pink butterfly to represent her big sister in heaven this beautiful rainbow was all kinds of magic. This special image was inspired by a stunning print that her mumma and papa created for her baby shower….


My heart is filled with joy to introduce you all to the most lovely little rainbow. I’ll let her mumma share their journey and I’ll sneak some photo’s in between.

World….Meet Ariella.x.

We were never sure if we would be able to have children, after battling cancer in my late 20’s. After trying for some time we finally fell pregnant with twins in 2014, six years after my battle. We felt so blessed to be gifted with two beautiful children and ecstatic to find out we were carrying two beautiful girls. Only three days after I finished work at 28 weeks, I went into spontaneous labour. I knew it was too soon for my girls to arrive but I felt a sense of calm throughout the delivery. I got to see my little princesses Olivia Grace and Freya Jade very briefly before they were whisked away to the NICU.

They were both a great size for their gestation weighing 1340g and 1100g. However, our sweet little Freya was born with heart complications and at only 18 days old she passed away suddenly. We spent the next month dealing with our grief whilst focusing on getting our surviving twin Olivia home safely in our arms. It was such a difficult time for both of us. We were delighted to bring Olivia home just before father’s day 2014.

It took a couple of years for our hearts to heal enough to feel like we could add to our family. We started the journey of trying to fall pregnant again. After a year of trying we decided to see a specialist and started monitoring cycles with ovulation assistance to get the timing right. A few months later and we were over the moon to find out we were pregnant! Imagine our surprise when we realised our sweet rainbow baby was due on our twin’s birthday! We knew our rainbow had been sent from heaven above.

At 15 weeks we booked in for a gender reveal scan to find out what we were having. A girl! Definitely another sign from our sweet angel Freya. Our pregnancy went smoothly and with the support of the most amazing obstetrician Dr Megan Castner, we got the extra reassurance we needed along the way to monitor the pregnancy for signs of early labour. Once I passed the 28 week mark, each week was a new milestone towards full term. I finished work at 34 weeks and was looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with Olivia before bub’s arrival.

Four days after I finished work I started feeling unwell and thought I was coming down with something. My instincts told me it was more than that and that evening I went to the pregnancy assessment centre for monitoring. I was in the early stages of labour and was admitted to hospital that night. The next day my waters broke and I was moved to the birthing suite. My little one had decided it was time to meet her mum and dad! Ariella Rose was born very early the following morning at 2.8kg. She came out fighting and went to the special care nursery without any breathing support.

We spent the next 7 days in hospital together, me recovering and Ariella learning to feed. With the support of my obstetrician and bub’s paediatrician we were able to come home together when she was only one week old. She is the sweetest little princess and we can see both of her big sister’s in her. Olivia is smitten with her baby sister, although was a little disappointed she didn’t wait to arrive until her birthday. While we will never stop missing our sweet angel Freya, our family feels complete now and we know she is watching over us all from above.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in pink wrap with pink tieback sleeping in the arms of big sister on cream fur with pink butterflyThree beautiful sisters side by side…this gorgeous butterfly was in Freya’s memory box and has been a special way that they have kept her nearby.

(Tieback from Princess & The Pea Props)

Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink flower nest with green felt and peach wrap and tieback with pink butterfly on wooden floor Newborn baby girl sleeping in pink flower nest with green felt and peach wrap and tieback with pink butterfly on wooden floorA flower hand picked by her sister in heaven…I’m pretty sure Ariella felt her sister near by…that sweet smile.

(Tieback from Princess & The Pea Props)

Newborn baby girl sleeping on pink blanket with pink lace wrap and pink knit bonnet Newborn baby girl sleeping on pink blanket with pink lace wrap and pink tiebackPractically perfect in every way…the rosiest cheeks, the poutiest lips, long lashes….she was absolutely divine.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in white wooden bed with dusty pink lace wrap and pillow and tieback and felt heart on white wooden floor Newborn baby girl sleeping in white wooden bed with dusty pink lace wrap and pillow and tieback and felt heart on white wooden floorThe true representation of so much love…these teeny tiny felt hearts are just so snuggly and sweet.

(Felt heart from Little Jar Big Dreams) Newborn baby girl wrapped in dusty pink wrap with pink and purple knit layer and pink tieback in cream bucket on white wooden floor Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with rainbow knit blanket and rainbow felt heartsThe sweetest of rainbows….

(Felt hearts from Little Jar Big Dreams) Newborn baby girl sleeping in round wooden bowl with purple wrap and blanket and tieback on wooden floorMumma wanted a beautiful pastel gallery….dusty pinks, purples…all to suit her nursery and the artwork they already had. I can’t wait to see these printed on their walls.

(Tieback from Princess & The Pea Props) Newborn baby girl sleeping in round cane basket with peach blanket and wrap and tieback on white wooden floor with dollHow sweet is this little doll that Ariella brought to her session…I just love including special things…imagine Ariella being photographed with this sweet doll throughout the years side by side…so special.x.

(Tieback from Princess & The Pea Props & blanket from A Little Life Photography Props) Newborn baby girl sleeping in cream cane vintage pram with cream fur and dusty pink lace layer and wrap and tieback being pushed by big sister wearing pink and white dressThere is no greater gift than watching a family in their journey through life and this family and this journey is very close to my heart.

Ariella, you are divine and the sweetest gift from your big sister in heaven.

Olivia, I know you will be double the big sister when Ariella is missing Freya, just watching you today was proof of that.

Penny and Christian, thank you for choosing me to capture special memories of your beautiful family and for the honour of being by your side from the very beginning of this story.

Freya…thank you for sending Ariella and for bringing your gorgeous family to me today.x.

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