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Sometimes the smallest things…

Take up the most room in your heart.

Tea cup chihuahua laying on pink balnket

You guys….I got a new ‘niece’! Now I know this is a little left of field from my usual clients, and no not a new venture but I couldn’t resist capturing a few shots of this gorgeous girl.

Welcoming Indi….54 Days New

Weighing in at a whopping 800grams and too sweet for words

Newborn tea cup chihuahua yawning on pink blanket Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping on pink blanket with pink blanket draped over head and pink flower head band Newborn tea cup chihuahua on pink blanket with pink blanket draped over head and pink flower head band Newborn tea cup chihuahua sitting in brown wooden bowl with pink fluff and pink bow on her head on wooden floor Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping in brown wooden bowl with pink fluff and pink bow on her head on wooden floor

Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping on small white wooden bed with white knitted blanket and white bow on head Smiling newborn tea cup chihuahua on brown lace blanket Newborn tea cup chihuahua on brown lace blanket in cane basket on wooden floor snuggling knitted brown bear with white bow on her head Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping in wooden bowl with yellow fluff on curly yellow fluffy blanket with flower head band on her head on wooden floor Newborn tea cup chihuahua sitting in brown farmers basket filled with mint coloured fluff on curly mint fluff on wooden floor with mint coloured head band on her head Newborn tea cup chihuahua sitting in wooden log bowl with curly teal fluff and knitted teal blanket with teal bow on her head on wooden floor Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping in wooden log bowl with curly teal fluff and knitted teal blanket with teal bow on her head on wooden floor Newborn tea cup chihuahua sleeping in wooden log bowl with curly teal fluff and knitted teal blanket with teal bow on her head on wooden floor cuddling a small brown bear

Thank you Shell and Matt for sharing your divine new addition…and thank you Indi for being such a poser even if there was lots of belly rubs involved.

*All studio items are washed and sterilized in between each baby (tiny puppies included, lol)

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My heart it yearned to know you…

To love and hold you near…

A journey of a thousand miles…

We waited long my dear.

And now that you are with us…

Our hearts are so complete…

A tiny boy for us to love…

That we so longed to meet.

Newborn baby boy in cane round basket wrapped in blue knitted wrap holding blue knotted bear and with blue bonnet on laying on blue fur

What else would you want to do on your 99th day? Hang out with me…of course!

Nothing fills my heart more than watching not only a sweet baby and their journey from teeny tiny new, fighting for life, to big and strong and healthy….but also witnessing the journey of parents from that very first moment of fear and awe and love….to beautiful loving mumma’s proud and completely in love with the life they have created.

This gorgeous boy first came under my care as a tiny little man at just 26 weeks new & when his mumma’s asked me to capture some special memories of Jesse and celebrate just how far he has come….well I could not have been more honoured.

Today I had the absolute privilege of snuggling this little darling…and while he was most content when I was holding his hand….I did manage to let go briefly to snap some pics!

Sam & Lesa…Jesse is all kinds of divine and I’m so proud to have watched the past 99 days of your journey.

Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue blanket with blue bonnet laying in wooden crate on wooden floor

Now the journey to this point has been a very special one and I feel so blessed that Sam & Lesa have allowed me to share it with you all….

As told by Sam…..

About 10 years ago we started Ivf, my partner Lesa also tried IUI and I tried Ivf due to my endometriosis.  I have had surgery twice to have endometriosis cut out.  Finally after several attempts I became pregnant and had an easy pregnancy with no problems.  Then at 26 weeks my membranes ruptured and I was rushed to the Mater Hospital and the Doctor advised that I was in labour and to start pushing.  Needless to say we were very scared that our son would not make it.  Jesse was at the Mater Hospital for over 11 weeks and the Nurses and Doctors were amazing looking after our son.  Fortunately for us one of our nurses was Amanda who was wonderful and gave us a lot of information and support and we found her to be so caring, friendly and compassionate.  We found out she takes professional photos of babies and wanted Amanda to take the photos of Jesse as she had looked after him so well and knew how to take care of a premmie baby.  We also felt comfortable with her as there was no judgement for us being a gay couple with our first son.
Jesse was born 13th January 2016 at 920 grams at 26 weeks and 2 days, he left hospital on 1st April at 2880 grams and the Doctors said he made a miracle recovery and has improved rapidly each week as the first few weeks were touch and go.  We are so grateful for all the care from all the Nurses and Doctors at the Mater Mothers Hospital and are so lucky to have Jesse as our son.  It has been a long 10 years but finally after becoming parents we feel blessed to have Jesse as our son and love being parents, it is amazing and even more than we imagined.
So….without further a due….the divine Master Jesse….a stunning session of greens and blues with a few smile snuggled in there for good measure and of course, what is a session without a special friend? Check out the cutest orangutan you have ever seen!!!
Newborn baby boy wrapped in navy blanket in wire farmers basket laying on blue felt on wooden floor
Smiling newborn baby boy on light blue blanket wrapped in light blue blanket Newborn baby boy on light blue blanket wrapped in light blue blanket with light blue bonnet Newborn baby boy in brown bonnet laying in brown barrel with brown fur wrapped in brown blanket with brown orangatang Newborn baby boy wrapped in green cheesecloth wrap with green bonnet laying on green knitted blanket on green fur Newborn baby boy laying on green knitted fabric with green bonnet Newborn baby boy laying on green knitted fabric with green bonnet wrapped in green blanket
Thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful boy Sam & Lesa, and Jesse…thanks for just being so stinkin cute!!!!
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Hello little one….

I’ve waited such a while…

For you to be beside me…

To see your sweet sweet smile.

You are my little brother…

So special just to me…

I can not wait for us to grow

Together lovingly.

James Dixon10

There is nothing more exciting when a family grows and today was a perfect reminder of that. Sweet Isabella and her mumma and papa brought their divine newest addition to their little family to visit me in the studio….the gorgeous Master James. Seriously, the most smiley laid back little guy I have met yet, he breezed through his session flashing the cutest little grins the entire way through!

Watching Isabella with James was something special, I just know she is going to be the best big sister that he could ask for! Just the other day she decided he could play with her very special ‘Peppi’ the puppy so of course we took advantage of that. She gently laid little Peppi down in the basket in the studio with such tender care, and the look of absolute delight on her face when she tiptoed into the studio to see James cuddling him was priceless.

Newborn baby boy wrapped in yellow wrap laying in brown wooden bowel with brown blanket and brown bonnet on holding yellow fluffy toy dog on wooden floor

A beautiful collection of images today matching mumma’s favourites of a natural gallery with hints of blue, green and grey. I think she picked perfectly and every set up suited sweet James so well.

Newborn baby boy smiling laying on brown woolen blanket in wooden crate on wooden floor

Newborn baby boy laying on brown woolen blanket in wooden crate on wooden floor with cream knitted bonnet and brown knitted bear

Now I always ask families if they have anything special they want to bring to the session that has either sentimental value to their family or something special just for the new baby. Of course my heart near exploded when James arrived with this divine knitted blanket that belonged to his mumma when she was a baby. This encompasses everything that I am about….tradition and new life all snuggled together.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in little wooden white bed wrapped in crochet white blanket on white wooden floor

Newborn baby boy wrapped in white blanket with white knitted bonnet laying in white cane basket with blue blanket cuddling blue knitted bear on white wooden floor

Newborn baby boy smiling laying on green spotty fabric

Newborn baby boy laying on grey spotty fabric with grey knitted wrap and bonnet

Newborn baby boy laying in grey basket with grey fur and wool wearing knitted grey pants and grey bonnet on white wooden floor

Newborn bab boy wrapped in green blanket laying on grey fur smiling

Newborn bab boy wrapped in green blanket laying on grey fur in grey cane basket

Sweet James you stole my heart today and I am so blessed your mumma chose me to capture special memories of this all to brief time in your journey. I’m so excited for your family growing from three to four…you are by far the most perfect addition.

Kelly and Pierre you make the cutest babies ever….thank you for allowing me to capture your journey.

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Newborn baby boy in basket with cream bonnet cuddling rag doll belonging to sibling who has died

On the 3rd March 2012, after 25 days of life, our first child left Earthside to watch over us always as an Angel Baby.

Niamh Therese Christina was born on the 7th February 2012 at 26 weeks and 6 days, weighing a good 960grams and looking cranky ( let’s face it, who wouldn’t be after leaving a nice snug little womb that early!) Niamh thrived for 13 days and we were so hopeful, feeling positive she would eventually be home with us. She was almost past the second week; the week when if a premmie is going to have something go wrong, it goes wrong.

Premature baby girl in isolette on ventilator

On day 14, we got an early morning call from the NICU saying I should get into the hospital as Niamh’s health had deteriorated. She had developed severe Necrotising Enterocolitis. Over the following days Niamh had so many complications due to her illness, but it looked like she might pull through. Around day 22 the doctors started to lower the medication that had kept Niamh under heavy sedation throughout her sickness. I was so excited to see her move again (she was such an active baby before she got sick) but this was something that wouldn’t happen. She had had a haemorrhage in her brain that had previously not been detected due to being so sick, and this affected her ability to do just about everything. The only thing she could do on her own was open her eyes and move her forehead a little.

On day 25 we made the decision to redirect her care under circumstances we could control, so in the early hours of the morning of the 3rd March, in the quiet of the hospital, all support was withdrawn from our daughter and we held her as she took her last breath.

After losing Niamh it was a hard decision to try to have another baby, especially because we didn’t know exactly why Niamh came early, but we did know that I have a uterine condition that lends itself to premature labour. Was it irresponsible for us to try to bring a baby into the world knowing the challenges we faced, and that they may then face? Were we just trying to replace Niamh? So many questions and concerns….

Despite this, we did decide to have another baby and unfortunately went through 2 miscarriages. While this was heartbreaking, we decided to try one more time for a baby. In early 2014 we conceived and after a stressful, emotional and yet beautiful pregnancy our son was born on the 18th September at 38 weeks.

Newborn baby born naked in dads arm with tattoo of sisters name who has passed away

Newborn baby boy sleeping in cream crochet blanket

Newborn baby boy laying in brown fur and brown wrap sleeping with hand on his face

Newborn baby boy laying in brown fur and brown wrap sleeping with hand on his face

Newborn baby boy sleeping naked in mums arms with mum smiling

Oisin (pronounced O-shean) is truly the most beautiful special boy: an amazing gift made especially for us. He has his own personality and is very different from his sister and at times we still can’t believe he is here, the time just goes so fast. Sometimes looking at him, holding him, is so bittersweet: the overwhelming joy of him and the heartache of losing Niamh are both felt in equal measure sometimes.

And yet we are so much more fortunate than many families. We got to know our daughter, to say goodbye to her and tell her we love her, and we have our amazing, delightful and happy little boy (who has his own Angel looking out for him, lucky boy). Many people don’t have our happy ending, and for that we are so grateful.

While a little piece of our hearts will always be broken and there is sadness in our story, our journey is also one of strength, hope and love. That’s what Niamh taught us, and that’s what gave us Oisin.

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Newborn baby girl on pink blanket in pink wrap with pink head band smiling

Newborn safety is paramount when it comes to handling and working with the most fragile and vulnerable populations, and in my opinion, should be the primary concern of all photographers when meeting their tiny clients. Being a qualified and extremely experienced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse gives me an amazing insight into this, and something I know my families value when choosing me to photograph their precious little ones. After all…we have their most valued possessions in our care during a session.

Newborn baby girls hand with white knitted pants on also

As a NICU nurse, we are trained to focus on important factors such as comfort, thermoregulation and nutrition….or, in NICU lingo….pink, warm and sweet!! The same principles can be translated to newborn photography.

Keeping a baby comfortable during a session is so important….if baby is happy….mumma is happy, and then of course, the photographer is happy! An experienced photographer will remember, every baby is different, and not all will go into each pose. Some babies prefer their tummies, some their backs, some are happy to be curled, others prefer to be swaddled and wrapped. Ensuring we treat each baby as an individual and let them guide us with their cues during the session is invaluable. We must watch each pose and observe how well the baby is tolerating it, changing if and when necessary, also closely monitoring little ones circulation particularly with their limbs curled or tucked….remember, keep them pink! It’s also important that your photographer takes care to collect information from you as parents prior to the session in regards to your little ones medical history…. was there any trauma during delivery, have they had issues with their hips, have they been circumcised. If you have any other considerations that may effect the way your baby should be handled, be sure to share this with them. Rescheduling a session to ensure a little one is most comfortable is easily done, and very important.

Another important consideration is comfort and safety when using different props and poses. Many images in complicated poses or props are created using a composite image, ensuring safety of the baby is maintained at all times. Other simple elements such as having a second person, either an assistant or mum/dad to spot the baby and stand close for support, keeping a hand on bub at all times, and weighting baskets securely before putting a baby in to create a firm base of support during posing are also important. Another factor is newborn anatomy, keeping in mind their head weighs approximately 25% of their total body weight, which in proportion makes them very top heavy and is definitely something that needs to be considered when posing. Always keep a baby low when hanging, and use bean bags underneath when suspending. We must also take extra care with firm surfaces and always use towels, beanbags and pillows for support if able.

Newborn baby girl laying on lace pink blanket with pink wrap and pink head band

Keeping tiny neonates warm is essential in the NICU, and the same goes for a photography session. Newborns have an inability to regulate their own temperatures and therefore need more support than an older client. Add to that they are usually undressed and exposed. It is important to keep the session environment warm with the use of air-conditioning or heaters, I set mine to 29 degrees Celsius. Considering these tiny ones have spent the past 9 months in a snug warm environment…it can be a major adjustment. Warmth ensures comfort…that is for sure.

Another thing to consider when it comes to the safety of such a vulnerable population is health and hygiene. Photographers should always wash/sanitize their hands prior to handling little ones and after cleaning up ‘spills’!! Also laundering linen and wraps in between clients, and if the photographer themselves are at all unwell, they should consider rescheduling a session. A common cold for an adult can be catastrophic in a vulnerable newborn. Their immune systems are functionally immature in the first 4-6 weeks of life and they should never be put at risk if you are at all unwell. Of course both my assistant & myself are up to date with our immunizations, something we consider extremely important.

Newborn baby girl laying on her stomach on a pink blanket on a white lace doily with a pink wrap and a white tieback with pink bow

And finally….while it doesn’t influence newborn safety during a photography session as such, it is the most important thing in relation to comfort and that’s nutrition…..keeping tiny one’s sweet (with stable blood sugar levels) and nourished. Read a newborns cues, stop for feeding breaks. A baby that is unwrapped and being handled may want to feed more frequently than usual, and that’s ok. Your photographer should always work on with your baby’s timetable, and the rewards will be limitless!

I hope that all of my families feel comfortable, safe and relaxed during their session and take away memories of nothing but comfort and love.

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