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Hold him a little longer…

Rock him a little more…

Tell him another story…

You’ve only read him four…

Let him sleep on your shoulder…

Rejoice in his happy smile…

He is only a little boy…

For such a little while.

Oh my goodness…new babies are my favourite…NICU babies even more special…and returning families…even more special than that so today’s sweet family is all of that rolled into one! I was so excited when this gorgeous mumma got in touch to say she was expecting again…after a traumatic and challenging introduction into parenthood with their first darling little man at a mere 24 weeks, this time around everyone tip toed around begging the days to tick over. And…here they are with a gorgeous chubby term baby!! Now big boy…AND big brother Carter is 2.5yrs old and he was so excited to bring his new baby to the studio today. I first met this family in the NICU when Carter was a teeny tiny little guy, then had him back in the studio as a 5.5mth old ‘newborn’ which was so divine. To see Carter today, healthy and fighting fit, even a little cheeky….it fills my heart. And he’s totally relishing in his new role as big brother…well…mostly he is, just not in the studio today, lol! He wasn’t super excited to hang out with me or his new brother when the camera was out…two year olds hey? Mumma chose a gorgeous gallery of greens and blue and brought along a few special things to include in our session…we had such a lovely day all together.

World…Meet Flynn…He’s New Here.x.

Newborn baby boy sleeping on mint blanket with native australian wrap Flynn brought this gorgeous green wrap to his session today and it went perfectly with the mint colour tones Mumma had chosen. Newborn baby boy sleeping in oval cane basket with blue blanket and wrap and hessian layer with rabbit pelt and dried grass on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping in oval wooden bowl wearing cream knit romper with cream blanket and curly felt layer holding gold heart necklace with name flynn engraved on wooden floorHow sweet is this little necklace Mumma brought with Flynn’s name on it…who remembers Carter’s session where we did a similar set up with a necklace that she was gifted when he was born?

And did you catch the behind the scenes from this set up? Can we all just take a collective moment to look at that little pot belly…these knit suits always show off adorable bubba bellys! Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed on blue fur with blue wrap layer and white sheet with blue hot air balloons wearing blue romperThis dreamy blue cloud wrap went perfectly with this set up…when Mumma handed it to me I knew it was meant to be. Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket wrapped in mint wrap with mint blanket and layer on wooden floorSnug as a bug… Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with blue wrap and knit bonnet and bearDem lashes, dem cheeks, dem lips…chub for days…. Newborn baby boy wearing blue knit romper sleeping being held by two year old sibling brother on cream furOk…I’m not going to lie…this may have taken three adults, lots of tricks, singing and bribery…anyone who’s been to my studio want to guess what made him smile in the end? Newborn baby bpy sleeping in round wooden bowl with mint blanket and curly felt and knit romper on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed with blue mattress and wrap layer wearing blue knit romper with two year old sibling brother sitting beside him wearing white shirt and tan shorts on blue furFlynn may have been smiling but Carter was not interested in the slightest lol…I remember these big haunting eye’s from his newborn session…so wise and knowing.

Flynn..thank you for being sweet chunky snuggly you…even if you pooped on literally every single thing I own! Carter…it was so lovely to see you today even if you preferred playing with my piggy than hanging out in my studio! Keli and Kate…Flynn is divine, thank you for choosing me to capture your growing family again, it is the truest gift.

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My child…

it is when I watch you sleep

that I am touched most deeply

by the miracle that you are…

perfectly quiet…

perfectly beautiful…

long before I knew you…

every fiber of your being

was woven flawlessly together…

not even the smallest detail

was left unfinished…

My dear little child…

I would be forever content

to watch you while you sleep…

and to be touched again and again…

by the wonderful little miracle that you are.

I was so excited to have this gorgeous family in the studio today, it’s been a while since I last saw them in the NICU! Thankfully I remembered this cutie patootie loved a good head rub in the NICU and it worked a treat today…he slept up a storm! He barely made a peep and we whizzed through an enormous range of set ups…so many in fact I had to make the sneak peak enormous too cause I just couldn’t decide. A little warrior…a miracle who is meant to be here. Such a special day. Mumma asked for a collection of stunning navy’s, grey’s and white’s…and when I gazed into this sweet man’s massive blue eye’s I knew it was the perfect choice. I love it when my NICU families become my newborn families…it’s the best of celebrations.

World…Meet Tobias…he’s new here.x.

Newborn baby boy awake on grey blanketAfter this one brief gazing moment…he fell into a deep sleep and snuggled his way through the entire session! Newborn baby boy sleeping on grey blanket with grey wrap and knit bonnet Smiling newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with navy wrap and blanket and knit layer with bear and blue ribbon on white wooden floorHow adorable is this little bear that Toby’s Noonie bought for him…and that smile…I don’t think it gets any cuter!!!! Newborn baby boy sleeping in round cane basket wearing grey knit romper with grey blanket and fur layer holding grey felt heart on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket wearing blue knit romper laying on blue knit blanket with blue wrap layer on wooden floorToby also bought this divine blue knitted blanket to his session…such a special keepsake to have and include. Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with navy wrap and knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed with grey fur and wrap and pillow wearing grey knit romper Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket with navy blanket and romper and hessian layer on wooden floorDid you catch my live from this set up…just chillin! Newborn baby boy sleeping in wire basket with grey blanket wearing grey romper and knit bonnet on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on blue blanket with blue knit blanket on top wearing blut knit beanieLike I said…this blue blanket of Toby’s was so lovely. Newborn baby boy sleeping on white wooden day bed wearing navy romper with navy felt layer on white wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed wearing grey knit romper and bear bonnet on grey blanket and furOk…shut the front door…how adorable is this little guy…cuteness overload!

Tobias thank you so much for bringing your Mumma and Papa along today to the studio, it was so lovely to see you all again and to see how chubby and well you are these days! Such a treat. Kat and Steve, he’s divine and I am so honoured to have been able to capture these special memories for you and your new family.x.

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As the moon begins…

To brighten at night…

Know that I miss you…

When I look upright…

You’re like a shining star…

Beautiful and bright…

But I have no wings to…

Reach you this night.

Today I had the sweetest darlings in the studio…now I know I say this regularly when it comes to little ones that I have cared for in the nicu, then have in the studio…they are warriors like no other, but today the biggest warrior here is their mumma. Sure these girls fought to be here today, but this mumma has known such tragedy, so much loss, yet every day she fights to survive, to continue, to live on despite darkness.

Dhani always knew she wanted to be a mumma but her journey has seen her fight just to realize that dream. In 2000, Dhani gave birth to her darling daughter Karley, and despite the struggles, the duo were ready to conquer the world together! But the universe had other plans & in 2008 Dhani met Ted and life was happy & full. They married in 2010 and it was everything. Dhani & Ted knew they wanted their family to grow but through IVF, struggles & loss, their dreams seemed so far away. Then in the most unimaginable tragedy, Ted & Karley were tragically killed in a car accident in 2013. Broken & lost, Dhani knew her story didn’t end there, she fought against all odds. Thankfully, not one but two teeny tiny miracles occurred when Dhani fell pregnant with twins! Light in the darkness, hope when all hope was lost. But this too, like the rest of her story was rocky & the girls, affectionately known as Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie for the first month of their lives, entered the world at just 28 weeks weighing just a kilo each….and the roller coaster began again. These little warriors were meant to be here though, sent from heaven by their papa. Against all odds & after 80 long & bumpy days, the girls were finally well enough to come home!

Despite one being on oxygen and their days scattered with appointments….this trio is loving life at home, together at last…and with a very special family watching over them in heaven…they are living life to the fullest.

World…Meet Molly and Willow…they’re new here! The rainbows after the storm…. Newborn baby girls sleeping on cream fur wearing pink and cream knit rompers with rainbow Newborn baby girls wrapped in pink blankets with pink knit layer and flower tieback and posy in cane basket on white wooden floorCould these girls get any cuter? And these little posies and matching tie backs…adorbs! Newborn baby girls sleeping in cane nest with yellow floers and blankets and wraps and tiebacks on wooden floorEeeep….Mumma wanted a gorgeous gallery filled with pinks and yellows and flowers…doesn’t get any better than that right? Newborn baby girls sleeping on cream blanket with pink bow tiebacks Newborn baby girls sleeping in wooden bed with pink blanket and pink and white wraps and tiebacks with flowers in vaseTwo little gifts…wrapped up in bows Newborn baby girls wrapped in yellow wraps with yellow fur and felt and flowers on white wooden floor Newborn baby girls sleeping in cane basket with pink blanket and flowers and pink and cream knit rompers and pink and mustard flower halos and flowersOh my….who caught this stunning set up on our live today? This is my very favourite…two sweet sisters snugged up together Newborn baby girls sleeping on cream blanket with pink knit bonnets Newborn baby girls sleeping on brown blanket wearing cream knit rompers with saddle and hat and bootsThis was our last special set up of the day…a family portrait like no other…Papa’s hat, big sister’s saddle and Mumma’s boots…not the family portrait Mumma dreamed of but filled with history, love and connection.

Dhani…you are an inspiration and these girls are lucky to have you as their warrior Mumma. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and for allowing me to create new memories for your family today.

Molly and Willow…thank you for sleeping so sweetly despite a few diva moments and a poonami we wont mention!!

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Sharing a special blog, something very close to my heart. So much love for all the babies, and the angels in this post. Please take a moment to give these families some love. Did you know October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and tonight we light a candle at 7pm to create a wave of light in honour of all these little loves.

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Since then we have worked tirelessly to raise awareness to an issue that touches so many. Gone are the days where loss was considered a taboo issue and thankfully, in today’s society, parents are both encouraged and supported to share their little loves, to grieve and to be loved by those around them. As a NICU nurse, volunteer photographer for Heartfelt, and newborn photographer, I have the immense honour of working with families during their darkest hours. Families that come with stories of so much sadness and loss, families that are experiencing loss whilst I am caring for them, families who are coming to me with their rainbows. I feel so blessed to be able to share in these stories, to help lose the stigma, to say their names. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful families that I have shared and send love and light to those during the month of October. I also wanted to comment on some beautiful, raw and heartbreaking images that have come through my news feed this past week of Chrissy Teigan and John Legend sharing their darling boy Jack, not celebrities, just broken parents. I wanted to thank them for their honesty and their bravery during their darkest hour, for reaching out and sharing their story and for making other families not feel so alone. The images are simply breathtaking and shed light on a story all too familiar.

“There is no footprint too small, that it cannot leave and imprint on this world”

Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue wrap on cream flokati being held by motherSweet Harrison and his angel brother Ethan.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket wrapped in cream knit wrap with cream knit bear bonnet sleeping beside teddy bear holding siblings ashes on white wooden floorSweet Rhyland and his angel brother Asha.x. Newborn baby girl wrapped in white wrap in round cane basket with grey teddy bear and photo of sibling baby brother who diedSweet Eva and her angel brother Jacob.x.

Newborn baby girl wearing cream romper in round wooden bowl with cream blanket and felt on wooden floor with two bear toysSweet Elianna and her siblings watching over her in heaven.x. Newborn baby wrapped in blue wrap sitting on shelf beside bearSweet Solly and his angel brother Archie.x. Newborn baby girl wrapped in cream wrap with sibling toddler sister and soft bear toy on cream blanketSweet Addison, Layla and their angel sister Lily.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping on wooden bed with green knit blanket and romper on green fur with green knit bootiesSweet Elias and his angel brother Michael’s booties.x. Newborn baby wrapped in cream wrap in cream nest holding photo of baby sister who diedSweet Nicholas and his angel sister Bella.x.

There are many ways families can tell their stories and I feel so blessed that many of you choose imagery. Often a family will bring the ashes of their baby to a session, sometimes its a special keepsake that belonged to their baby or something they bought for a baby that never made it earthside. Together we use these pieces to share the tale of a love that is living in their hearts and not in their arms. I will never tire of sharing your stories, I will never stop saying their names. October is the month to honour your babies, share your stories. Thank you for allowing me to share in your loves, thank you for being brave during the darkness to help us remember them.x.

On the 15th of October, bereaved parents, along with their friends and families, collectively remember their angel babies by lighting a candle at 7pm…who will you remember? In this simple ritual, there is something deeply acknowledging for bereaved parents, knowing that their treasured babies are being remembered.

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‘To my final child,

You’re not my first; that much is true.

I loved another before loving you.

I’m a different mother this time around.

More calm and confident I’ve found.

Since you came, there’s a new dimension.

Three children now want my attention.

I was so excited first time ‘round.

This time I want to slow things down

Your ‘firsts’ will all be ‘lasts’ for me.

Last crawl and last to ride my knee.

You were not my firstborn this is true,

But the last child I will have is you.

You’re the last lullaby I’ll ever sing.

And ‘lasts’ are a special kind of thing.’


Today I had dear friends back in the studio. I have had the absolute blessing of photographing all three of their sweet babes in the last three years! Yes…that’s right, three kids three and under. I am tired tonight just thinking about how busy life is for them but boy oh boy their hearts are full. Their big boy Teddy and my littlest Emery were embryo buddies and since then I have had the joy in sharing of this families journey. Next came Clarabelle and I was super lucky to photograph her newborn session and just recently her first birthday. And now they have a new addition. The best bit about this new addition…after years of struggles with IVF to bring Teddy and Clarabelle earthside….this little guy was a surprise, completely natural and meant to join the family!! How exciting is that? When we talked about this session Mumma said…I love mustard but otherwise I trust your judgement and I may have squealed a little lol! Anyone who knows me knows I love mustard so we created a stunning session with fall vibes…yes I know we are in Australia and it’s Spring…but all my American colleagues are capturing and sharing fall sessions right now and I was inspired!

World…Meet Fletcher…he’s new here.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping on navy blanket wearing navy knit romper and bonnetLook at that adorable sweet smile…these gorgeous navy knit rompers have been worn home from hospital for each of the babies…what a special tradition. Newborn baby boy sleeping in white wooden day bed wearing mustard knit romper and beanie with knit pillow and wrapEeeeep….all the mustard! Did you see my live sneak peak of this set up? My mumma made this romper and pillow from an old jumper and I made the wrap…plus this divine new day bed, it was perfect!

Newborn baby sleeping in oval cane basket wearing rust romper with rust blanket and jute and dry grass strandsAll the fall y’all…I adore this rust colour…I think this might be my favourite set up!

Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with navy wrap and knit layer and blanket and felt heart Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with mustard wrap Newborn baby boy sleeping in round cane basket with mustard blanket and wraps and romper and felt heartHow divine is this little mustard romper that Fletcher brought to his session today…it went perfectly with this little mustard set up. Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket wearing navy knit romper with navy blanket and knit layer Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with mustard wrapThat sweet little smirk… Newborn baby boy wrapped in mustard wrap being held by sibling big brother wearing white tshirt and sister wearing mustard romper on cream fur Newborn baby sleeping on cream fur wearing cream knit romperSweet and simple…all about Fletcher. Newborn baby boy wearing cream knit romper sleeping on vintage iron bed with mustard spot mattress and pillow surrounded by sibling brother wearing white shirt and tan shorts and sister wearing mustard dress with cream knit bear and brown felt heartOh sweet family…it is always a pleasure to have you in the studio and be a part of your story. I’m kinda sad there will be no more little loves for you but excited to watch these three grow over the next few years. Thank you for sharing your family with me.

Teddy, Clarabelle and Fletcher, so much love for you.x.

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