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If you’re wondering where to find me…

I’ll tell you where I’ll be…

I’m in that in between bit…

that space where sky meets sea…

In the whispers of the trees…

and the edges of your dreams…

close enough to almost touch…

but slightly out of reach…

I’m in the moon and in the stars…

but never really far…

and always, always I am there…

deep inside your heart.

By Catherine Prutton


Ok…there may have been tears for today’s session…happy tears, sad tears…and lots and lots of love. I’ve thought about this session for such a long time and although it’s not the session that Mumma and Papa hoped and dreamed for, we made it as extra special as we could. You see I first met this sweet family many months ago when their gorgeous boys were born at just 23 weeks, long before they were supposed to be earthside. Sadly, darling Samuel lost his courageous battle but his brother has fought long and hard and today, at 132 days, he came for his ‘newborn’ session with his tiny brother Samuel watching over him. I just adore this family and it was such an honour to celebrate both of their boys today. I’ll let his Mumma share their tale and I’ll share some special pics along the way.

World…Meet Sebastiono…He’s New Here.x.

My boys Sebastiano and Samuel are not only Mater Miracle Babies they are miracles in their own rights taking 16 years to arrive conceived naturally we found out on the 13th June 2020 and I was 7 weeks along. The boys were to arrive on Australia Day 2021 (26th Jan 2021) they decided to arrive at 23wks+4 days and 23wks+5 days. Yes, you read correctly they have two different birth dates as Sebastiano was born 3/10/2020 @1054pm and Samuel was born 4/10/2020 @ 0128am. Sebastiano was 645grams and Samuel 610grams born and due to their age and prematurity we lost Samuel 6 days after they arrived. This is where Amanda fits into our story as she is a Nurse when she is not behind the lens, she was assigned to look after Samuel on his last day with us and she made sure that he was looked after the best was possible and capturing some precious moments with our son that we would not have if she was not rostered to work with Samuel on his last day of life. At this stage of our journey as first-time parents we were not only facing the arrival of twins we also faced the fear of possibly losing one or both of our boys due to their early arrival. On day 7 Sebastiano was still fighting his fight for survival having his own hurdles to cross we had to stay strong for him whilst grieving the loss of his little brother. We spent a total of 115 days in the NICCU unit numerous good bad and ugly days and on the 25th Jan 2021, we were discharged with our boy.  Not a day goes by that that we take for granted what we have been through we have had amazing support from our families and the staff of the NICCU unit to get us through each and every day which brings us to this day (11 Feb 2021)Sebastiano being 132 days old and kicking goals daily continuing the journey on the outside world with his brother along for the ride every step of the way as his Guardian Angel today we capture our journey on the outside again with Amanda working her magic with her fellow nursing colleague Dani with a photoshoot session with our sons. We can’t thank Amanda enough for the beautiful work she does not only as a photographer but also as a nurse so thank you so much from our little family to you and your family. Bless you for being such a beautiful soul.  Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with brown blanket and mint wrap with wooden bowl containing belongings of deceased baby brotherSo much love for this image…not just for the connection that these darling boys will always have even though one is earthside and one is watching on from heaven but also capturing just how hard sweet Sebastiano has had to fight to get to where he is today. I remember just how small they both were when they were born, his strength to fight on in honour of Samuel is inspiring.

Not the sibling image any parent wants to have but one that will be treasured forever.x. He’s a true fighter this little guy and we wanted to celebrate his journey… Newborn baby boy awake and sleeping on mint blanket with white wrap and mint and white knit bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed wearing green knit romper with green curly felt and pillow on wooden floorNow considering he was a mere 132 days old and our usual sessions are scheduled in the first 14 days…this little guy was an absolute dream…so laid back and didn’t make a peep! Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl with mint blanket and mint knit romper with hessian layer and round mat on wooden floorI literally didn’t even pose him…he just snuggled up like this with his hands! Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket wrapped in mint wrap with mint blanket on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with white and mint wrap and mint knit bonnetMumma and Papa brought this gorgeous little wrap with them today to include in Sebastiano’s session and it went perfectly with the aqua theme and his gorgeous olive skin. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with mint wrap and blanket and felt heart and bonnetBoys always get the best lashes and lips…right? Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane highchair wearing mint knit romperOk I can’t even with this photo…this teeny tiny highchair is not for every baby, they have to be really sleepy and Sebastiano definitely was, so with my assistant right beside him we set to snuggly popping him in to rest his head on the table in front on a pillow…but when I put him in he just laid there back like this completely relaxed…we were in fits of laughter…he was practically snoring! Newborn baby boy sleeping in round cane basket with mint blanket and mustard wrap and knit bonnet with hessian layer and wrap and reeds on wooden floorThis snug sort of pose can be tricky for older babies…after all it’s been months since Sebastiano was snug in the womb like this but he could have cared less and let us do whatever we liked with him in all our props! Newborn baby boy sleeping on vintage iron bed wearing green knit romper with green curly felt and pillow on wooden floorHow adorable does he look just snoozin! Newborn baby boy wrapped in mint wrap on cream fur with golden moulds of deceased siblings hand and feet castsWe shared the same cocoon,

my sibling and I.

And where I have learned to walk,

my beloved friend will show me how to fly.

This image is everything. I literally cried when Mumma showed me these breathtaking little golden casts of sweet Samuel’s hands and feet and knew we had to capture the special connection between the brothers. Inspired by my amazing colleague Lizzie over at Kowhai + Thistle I wanted to show just how teeny tiny Samuel’s (and long ago Sebastiano’s) feet were, and that despite their bodies not growing together earthside, they will always be intertwined.

Sebastiano you are the true example of what a warrior is…no matter what you have fought and I know you will flourish with your Mumma, Papa and brother by your side.

Tanya and Uaine my heart is literally exploding…thank you for the privilege of caring for both of your boys and your family both in the darkness and the light. Being in your space when Samuel grew his angel wings will be one of the most beautiful and enriching experiences I have ever had the honour of being a part of. And sharing your story is has been the greatest gift.

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  • Gen - What a heart breaking and heart filling story for these new parents and their little boys. Your images Amanda, are divine, as always and the quotes you choose are perfect. What magical memories of an eternal bond that this family shares.ReplyCancel

For I was your sun..the only warmth

you needed before you saw a sunrise

with your own eyes.

I was your star, before they dusted

across your gaze with possibility

and wonder.

I was your moon, your only pull,

before you noticed the comforting

light in the nights blanket.

I was your universe for such a short

while, until you noticed there was so

much more.

But I will always be your earth, your

roots grew here.

And you will always be my world.

Jess Urlichs


Today I had the sweetest little love in the studio…gorgeous long dark locks, luscious lashes and adorable pouty lips! We created a beautiful collection of set ups of dusty pinks and creamy neutrals to go perfectly in her adorable nursery, and even included some extra special things her family brought along with them. I’m so excited to share this gorgeous girl and her session.

World…Meet Viera…she’s new here.x. Newborn baby sleeping in cane basket with cream wraps and layers and tieback and bonnet Newborn baby sleeping in cane basket with cream wraps and layers and tieback and bonnetLike seriously…isn’t the prettiest baby ever??? Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with pink wrap and flower tiebackSoft pinks and creams were absolutely perfect with her snow white complexion… Newborn baby girl sleeping in white wooden day bed with cream knit layer and pillow and wearing cream knit romper and bow tieback on wooden floorJust snuggled up snoozin… Newborn baby girl sleeping in oval cane moses basket with pink and cream pillows and blanket layers with pink flowers and wearing pink romper and flower crownLoving this boho set up…all things pink and creamy. Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream blanket with cream knit wrap and bonnet Newborn baby girl sleeping on white wooden bed with pink layers wearing pink romper and bear knit bonnet with flowers on wooden floorWhat.a.doll… Newborn baby girl sleeping in round wooden bowl with cream wrap and layer with dried flowers on wooden floorMumma loved this pose…all snuggly swaddled just like she was not that long ago in Mumma’s belly. Newborn baby girl sleeping on grey blanket wearing pink knit romper with grey bow tieback with unicorn hobby horse and holding fairy bunny soft toyAnd last but not least…how special is this unicorn that Viera brought to her session…it has pride of place in her nursery so I wanted to do something special to include it. I can imagine this stunning image adorning the nursery walls now…

Viera you are all kinds of lovely…I am so glad your Mumma found me and we could make all this gorgeous happen.

Selina and Conrad thank you for bringing your sweet girl to me, she is everything.x.

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I loved you from the very start…you stole my breath, embraced my heart

Our life together has just begun…You’re part of me little one

As mother with child, each day I grew…my mind was filled with thoughts of you

I’d daydream of the things we’d share…like late night milks & teddy bears

Like first steps & skinned knees…like bedtime stories & ABC’s

I thought of things you’d want to know…like how birds fly & flowers grow

I thought of lessons I’d need to share…like standing tall & playing fair

When I first saw your precious face…I hoped your life be touched with grace

I thanked the angels from above…& promised you unending love

Each night I lay you down to sleep…I gently kiss your head & cheek

I count your little fingers & toes…I memorize your eyes & nose

I linger at your nursery door…awed each day I love you more

Through misty eyes, I dim the light…I whisper ‘I love you’ every night

I loved you from the very start…you stole my breath embraced my heart

As mother & child our journeys begun…my hearts yours forever little one.


Today I had the most adorable little guy in the studio…the best hair, the biggest dark eyes that literally looked into my soul and the sweetest little personality. He had a big nap in the car on the way so when he arrived he was ready to play…actually he was a total nosey parker and didn’t want to miss a thing! But once he had a full belly he set to snoozing and we were rewarded with the most gorgeous smile and lots of adorable images. I’m pretty sure these sneak peaks just keep getting bigger because I can never decide on just a couple to share! I’m sure you’ll all agree…this gorgeous boy needs to have aaaaaalllllll the shares!

Now today’s Mumma and Papa actually found me after their little man had arrived earthside and I am so glad we could manage to squeeze them in. I would hate for any family to miss the opportunity to capture this magical time as a new family…it goes so fast and to have these gorgeous images as a keepsake is everything!

World….Meet Aryan…he’s new here.x.

(Just had to add…this little man’s name means ‘noble’ and ‘high born’ and honestly…I’m pretty sure he’s destined for big things) Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket with blue wrap and blanket and layer and knit bonnet on wooden floorHow adorable is that first pic? There was lots of cuddling to start the session…I always tell families we work on bubba’s timetable so I was more than happy to wait for sweet Aryan to be ready to start if it meant snuggles and smiles. Newborn baby boy sleeping or awake on cream blanket with tan wrap and knit bonnet Oh lordy…after a big feed he just settled down quietly awake…and we got these absolutely divine shots… Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with blue blanket and knit layer and wrap and bonnet and felt heartNow Mumma asked for blue’s and beige’s…which I think was the perfect choice for Aryan’s gorgeous skin and dark hair… Newborn baby boy sleeping or awake on cream blanket with tan wrap and knit bonnetGaaaaah…all the smiles… Newborn baby in round wooden bowl with blue blanket and layers and beige wrap with blue knit bonnet and bear soft toy on wooden floorLiterally…so so happy… Newborn baby sleeping on blue blanket with blue wrap Newborn baby sleeping in cane moses basket with beige blanket and wrap and pillow on wooden floorLook at those teeny toes peeping out… Newborn baby wrapped in blue blanket on cream furSee why I had trouble choosing which images to share???? Newborn baby sleeping on vintage iron bed with green blanket and knit layer wearing grey romper with grey pillow and bed wrapped in vines and elephant and lion soft toys sitting in frontWho caught the live of this adorable set up? Little Aryan’s nursery is jungle themed and Mumma asked for a little pop of green so I thought this set up would be perfect… Newborn baby boy sleeping in dads arms in black and white imageAnd this last magical capture for the day…one adorable tiny guy snuggled safely in his Papa’s arms…

Oh Aryan…you are all kinds of lovely. Thank you for being so sweet today.x.

Navi & Jas is was such a treat to meet you guys, I’m so glad our paths crossed and we could today’s magic happen.

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You’re my brother…

you are my friend…

You’re my beginning…

you are my end…

You’re all around me…

when the world turns away…

You are my sunshine…

on a cloudy day…

You are the tide that washes tears away…

I can always lean on you…

You are my brother….

You are my friend.

Newborn sleeping wearing cream knit romper being held by sibling big brother and sister laying on cream furYou guys…I have photographed every single one of these special little people as newborns and I’m having all the feels. I just adore watching my families grow over the years and to have the privilege of photographing not one but three babies from one family is just everything. And these aren’t just any old bubba’s…they are three very special miracles that their Mumma and Papa worked extra hard to bring earthside.

World…Meet William…he’s new here.x. Newborn baby boy sleeping on brown blanket with blue mustard and rust wrap and mustard knit bonnetHow stunning is this wrap William brought to his session today…I just adore these colours and it went perfectly with all the set ups we created. Newborn baby wearing cream knit romper sleeping on vintage iron bed with sage coloured wrapToday’s session was all my favourite colours….fall vibes for sure. Mumma asked for this gorgeous sage then earthy tones…so of course I added mustard! Then we went with rust and browns to create a stunning collection that I hope will adorn their walls for years to come. Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket in boho set up with cream and mustard layersEeeeep did you catch my live from this set up? Just after I logged off he smiled up a storm! Glad I could capture it with my camera instead. And when Mumma said she loved mustard I may have gone a little mad… Newborn baby boy sleeping in round wooden bowl wearing rust knit romper with rust blanket and layers and blue floral wrap on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with sage bonnet and wrap Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane doll highchair with mustard seat cover and pillow wearing mustard romper

Staaaap….I don’t think it gets any cuter than this…how adorable is this little cane highchair? As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it and it went perfectly with William’s session today… Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane basket with brown knit wrap and layer and blanket on wooden floor Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream blanket with mustard floral wrap and bonnetNow this one is also a new fav…I got this gorgeous mustard wrap from my favourite kids brand Jamie Kay  and when it arrived I knew it would be perfect for Williams session, doesn’t hurt that it’s mustard too! Newborn baby boy sleeping in cane round basket with sage wrap on wooden floorJust hanging around…. Newborn baby boy sleeping in farmers basket with mustard and cream knit layers wearing mustard knit romper and bonnet Newborn baby boy sleeping on cream fur wrapped in mustard floral wrap Newborn baby boy sleeping on brown blanket with brown knit bonnet and old brown toy dogNow anyone who has followed my page for a while will recognize this old guy and this shot as we have captured sweet ‘dusty’…Papa’s dog from when he was a boy, with both of William’s older siblings so of course we had to recreate it today. Papa sent me a photo of their wall with both Nate & Evelyn’s shot’s from this set up in canvas and it literally made my heart squeal…THIS is exactly why I do what I do.

William…thank you for being such a darling today…it was so lovely to meet you and continue to tell your family’s story.

Nate & Evie…you were the best big brother and sister that a little guy (& newborn photographer!) could ask for…loving, kind and caring…and giving of the best snuggles!

Grant and Jess…I’m a little teary today that your family is complete and, as Evie reminded me, you won’t be having any more babies, so our journey with newborn sessions has come to an end 🙁

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Today I thought I’d mix up the behind the scenes a bit and show you a day in the life of a newborn photographer. 1. Cuddle babies 2. Take cute pics 3. Get paid….that’s about the sum of it, right? Sigh…I wish!!! Anyone who has had a newborn session knows there’s a whole load more that goes on to making that magic happen, and even if you have had a session, there’s even more magic behind the scenes you might not know about! I’ll give you a clue…there’s more mess than fun 😉

Obviously the preparation begins when I first get in touch with a family and we begin planning the session but the actual getting into it starts the night before the session…once my little one’s are in bed I head into the studio and begin setting up for the session….choosing props, blankets, wraps, outfits and tiebacks that fit with what a family has talked about in their pre-session prep. This is definitely one of the fun parts. I have so many things to choose from and always love creating special set ups for every unique little one. Newborn photography props such as blankets wraps and headbands Newborn photography props such as blankets wraps and headbandsEvery family have such different styles…some families are sure about what they want, what style, what colours…other families leave it entirely up to me! Once the studio is all set up to go then I usually sneak off to bed!

The next morning I set up all the tiny details that make your session with me unique…a cute little chalk board with your little one’s name on it, a beautiful scented candle, my favourite coffee cups and the netflix remote to make you all feel at home in my home while I’m capturing the magic of your teeny tiny loves. Small blackboard with writing on in stating welcome baby Mysha with glass vase and pink flowers on small wooden table plus multi coloured coffee cup sitting beside bag of leaf tea I send my little one’s to their Nanna’s, turn on my shusher and heartbeat app and wait patiently for you to arrive!!

Now comes the next fun part…lots of snuggles…but also lots of poop and lots of patience! I had a client say to me last week…’you are so patient’ and it got me to thinking, that is definitely my most important skill as a newborn photographer. It’s not my 10 years of experience, my mentoring, training, workshops, conferences, my 17 years as a NICU nurse or 8 years as a Mumma myself, it’s not my focus on newborn safety or my concern for the comfort of my families….it’s my patience. Patience waiting for newborns to be born, patience waiting for new families to arrive (everyone is always late lol!) patience to settle newborns to sleep, patience to wait for them to feed, patience to get them into that perfect snuggly pose, then patience while we clean up all the poop (& there is so much poop!) and then achieve that perfect snuggly pose again, patience to wait for babies to smile, wait for that perfect shot and capture all the shots in between, it’s all about patience…and almost all sessions families comment on how patient I am so I know I am winning! Anyway, I digress….

We take lots of cute pics! Canon camera being held by lady in mustard dressSessions go anywhere from 2-4 hours but usually that time is filled with feeding and settling and pooping…plus some sneaky photos! And then you head home with your sweet new babe and my work continues. Usually I get changed first…because, like I said, poop! Then I start the mammoth washing! Everything is washed in between sessions with gentle detergent and sanitizer. Do you know how tricky it can be hanging out one billion teeny tiny hand washed outfits!! washing machine and dryerGosh don’t look too closely at my dirty laundry!!

Newborn outfits hanging on clothes hangersOk…these are adorbs! So much gorgeous in tiny little packages…all those little details!

After all the washing is on I sit down at the computer to upload all the magical images and get to editing. I prepare your gorgeous blog post sneak peak for the evening, a handful of each of the set ups we did during the session and a little teaser leaving not only Mumma and Papa wanting more but also all my lovely followers! I know that fix is what keeps y’all going! Usually I work till near midnight…the joys of wearing many hats…and then often, turn around and do it all again the next day. There’s blogging and emailing and advertising…planning and knitting and sorting! A girls work is never done! computer screen

A day in the life…hope you enjoyed a little sneak behind the workings of my day 🙂

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